Conduct Ideathons on the most seamless Innovation Platform

Easy-To-Use And Scalable Ideation Platform To Conduct Seamless Ideathons


One Innovation Platform To Create Compelling Ideathons


Campus Engagement

  • Hire Problem Solvers Through Case Studies And Ideas Competition
  • Engage With Bright Campus Talent

Employee Innovation

  • Foster Cross-team Collaboration To Solve Critical Business Problems
  • Foster Creativity And Innovation Among Employees

Idea Crowdsourcing

  • Find Fresh Ideas From The Crowd To Build Product Prototypes
  • Hire Experienced Talent: Problem Solvers And Innovators

Customer Competitions

  • Engage With Prospective Customers To Build Brand Recall
  • Run Ideation Competitions

Mercer | Mettl Empowers Top Brands To Create Impactful Ideathons

RB Global Challenge

RB Global Challenge is RB’s flagship ideas competition for students across the globe

Student entrepreneurs are invited to solve business challenges that are high on social impact

View RB Global Challenge  

PepsiCo ‘Dare To Do More’

‘Dare To Do More’ is PepsiCo’s global ideas competition to complement its product portfolio

Innovators are invited to build an end-to-end product cycle, including product creation, go-to-market strategies and marketing plans

View PepsiCo Global Challenge  

Philips ‘Think Up Challenge’

‘Think Up Challenge’ is a Philips case study competition for B-schools to solve critical business problems

Students are expected to present case solutions to problems in marketing, sales, finance, strategy, analytics and operations

View Philips ‘Think Up Challenge’  

Create Ideathons And Build Prototypes On A Customizable Ideation Platform

Invite Thousands Of Participants Without Worrying About Logistical Hassles


Registration Round

  • Admins create the event page and themes
  • Admins invite registrations
  • Admins define stages and rules
  • Admins assign judges

Ideas Generation Round

  • Participants file their ideas
  • Admins approve and reject ideas
  • Judges vote, rate and shortlist ideas
  • Judges announce ideation results and winners

Prototyping Round

  • Participants create prototypes for selected ideas
  • Judges rate prototypes and announce winners

Seamless Innovation Platform For Participants, Judges And Admins



  • Easy ideas submission and collaboration through discussion forums
  • Ideas sharing over social media to foster engagement
  • Better tracking through activity logs and live leaderboards


  • Intuitive judges dashboards to view and evaluate ideas
  • Approval and rejection of ideas, along with reasons for rejection or approval


  • Intuitive admin dashboards to view all ideas
  • The ability to configure the number of rounds, type of rounds, and other fields
  • Automated reminders and mailers to automate manual tasks

Our Event Marketing And Post-event Analytics Provides You An Edge


Event Marketing And Branding

Create a targeted digital marketing and branding strategy for each ideathon - social media campaigns, email campaigns, etc.


Customized Web Pages

Customized webpage for each ideathon based on language, company branding, messaging, etc.


Post-Event Analytics

Powerful post-event analytics through insightful and customizable reports

Conduct Virtual Ideathons To Crowdsource the Brightest Ideas


Identify an overall organizational problem and convert it into a challenge


Crowd-source ideas to solve problems


Align the ideas to strategic goals and come up with new solutions


Our Customers Vouch For The Efficacy Of Our Product

  • We needed a robust technology partner to ensure that students connected virtually as one team. And we found Mercer | Mettl. It was also integral to our digital engagement strategy and solved students' queries across the APAC region. We used its platform to evaluate all the students at multiple levels. Mercer | Mettl has consistently raised the bar in offering customized solutions. We are delighted with the grand finale.

    Dinu Nanjapa

    Head of Student Programs, APAC Amazon

  • Mercer | Mettl's platform and the science behind it are highly intuitive and systematic for the test-takers. Customized assessments, how data is aggregated, and how you can download insightful reports directly from the system - stood out for us from a process standpoint. Besides, given the high dependence on the virtual platform, the team made it easier as it thought with us rather than merely guiding us. Overall, it was a successful partnership.

    Saranya Mukherjee

    Lead, Early Career Development Campus & Employer Branding


Download The Ultimate Playbook On Conducting Ideathons

Why Mercer | Mettl Offers The Best Innovation Software


Expert Consultation

We help you set-up and guide you throughout the process


24*7 Customer Support

We provide a quick resolution to all kinds of client issues


Rich Question Bank

We offer a wide range of question bank for Coding and Case study Simulators


Seamless Solution

Manage thousands of participants easily in a virtual setting


Affordable Packages

Affordable online solutions based on the scale of use


Scalability Of Use

Conduct scalable global competitions without the logistical hassles