Lockdown Browser

Lockdown browser is an advanced technology that locks down test-takers’ testing environment and restricts on-screen cheating during an online exam. Browsing, impromptu searching or accessing toolbars and UI controls – everything is barred for securing the exam-taking process. A test-taker can only move out of the lockdown browser once the test is completed and submitted.

Lockdown Browser is a customized browser setting that prevents any form of digital or on-screen cheating during an online exam. A lockdown browser runs full screen on the system. Hence, a student cannot move out of the window or access any unauthorized application without permission. A lockdown browser also prevents keyboard functions and shortcuts, removes browsing and toolbar options and disables external ports to ensure a safe online exam environment.

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A secure exam browser is a highly secure and controlled environment that limits a students’ navigation control and deter their attempts at cheating in online exams. Adopting this technology can significantly improve the quality of online exams.

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