Screen Candidates Faster with a Chatbot Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Automate Your Candidate Screening Process Through a Conversational Bot


Screen Candidates Incredibly Faster with the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Traditional Screening Can Take Upto 6 Days
of Following Up

With RITA it Takes Just a Few Minutes
of Your Time

Enable Your HR Team to Do More, Let AI Take Care of All Screening Hassles

Available 24/7

Whether it’s before their 7 am jog or after 10 pm in the night, our chatbot is available to connect with candidates as per their schedule.

Resume Conversation Anytime

RITA continues the conversation from wherever you leave it off. Candidates can exit the chat and come back the next day to complete it.

Gathers Complete Data

From objective questions to open ended ones, RITA gathers all the information you need in a matter of minutes!

Human-Like Responses

RITA provides a seamless experience to candidates with a human touch. What’s even better? This bot learns from every conversation and get’s better with time.

Get Primary Data from Prospects in 4 Simple Steps


Configure for Job Roles

Configure questions to collect the required data from candidates and enter information about the role you think candidates would need.

Invite Prospects

Individually invite a candidate or send a bulk invite. Customize the invite mail according to your needs.

Gather Information

Candidates can pause the conversation and get back to RITA as per their convenience. Data gets updated on the platform in real time as the conversation continues.

Screen Candidates

Access data filled by all candidates on one neat dashboard that allows you to filter candidates basis their response.

Key Business Benefits of Using Our Conversational Screening Bot

Lower Costs

Lower candidate drop-off rate and empower your HR team to do more while RITA takes care of the mundane.

Save Time

Screen candidates faster with almost no time investment from the recruiter.

Wider Reach

Reach out to more prospects with bulk invites and make a winning first impression with RITA.

More Secure

Prevent any data leaks and ensure your hiring process is transparent and auditable.

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