Demystifying Sales Hiring

How HR Can Build Winning Sales Team

Demystifying Sales Hiring

How HR Can Build Winning Sales Team

The Role of Hiring in Redefining Sales

Companies typically spend much more money and hire many more people, annually, in their sales function than they do anywhere else in the firm. We conducted a survey of 1600+ sales professionals to find what high-performing teams do different from the rest.

There is a robust business need for objective sales hiring – devising comprehensive strategies to hire salespeople who will hit quota year-over-year and deliver profitable revenue is a critical component of sales management success.


consider HIRING THE RIGHT PEOPLE as most important growth driver

More likely to perform better by focusing on competency based hiring


do not use any tool to find the right set of competencies

It is not good enough anymore to use “gut-feel” and best guesses to build and grow your sales team, especially when there are tools to help you make solid decisions based on predictable results

– Lori Richardson

Rethinking the Sales Job Roles

We are all selling. But, do we all sell same product through similar process to same buyer? The answer is NO. As a result, for taking right people decisions with the objective of enhancing sales performance, it is critical to deepen your knowledge about your unique sales job roles.

Mettl-SHRM India’s 3 factor model with focus on Offering Complexity (What you sell), Process Complexity (How you sell) and Buyer & Environment Sophistication (Who you sell) can simplify this task of demystifying large number of sales roles into 27 logical categories.

What to Sell

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Who to Sell

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How to Sell

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What To Sell

Also known as the Offering Complexity, this refers to a combination of the factors that influence the sale of a particular product or service or a combination of both, in the market; what its features are, whether they are easily understood, and whether it will involve a low or high volume sale among customers. It can be broken down into

  • Simple Offering
  • Moderately Complex Offering
  • Complex Offering
Who To Sell

Also known as Buyer & Environment Sophistication, it refers to the buyer of the offering and the environment in which sales usually takes place. It can be broken down into

  • Basic Customers
  • Mid-level Customers
  • Premium Customers
How To Sell

Also known as the process complexity, it refers to the aspects of a typical sale that happens between a company and its customer, which mainly corresponds to the time that will be taken to sell a product, the number of persons/teams involved in the same and the stages involved in getting the customer to finally buy the offering. It can be further broken down into

  • Transactional Process
  • Multi-stage Process
  • Consultative Process

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