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Civil engineering test to identify and hire the best civil engineers

Civil engineering test evaluates a candidate's technical knowledge for example, basic concepts in Civil Engineering, knowledge of highway pavements, construction, etc. Civil engineering aptitude test is designed to gauge the domain specific skills of candidates.

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Inside this Civil Engineering Assessment

When it comes to defining civil engineering roles in industries, it is a role that necessitates professionals to be excellent at what they do. A civil engineer's duty includes operating at various construction projects such as roads, buildings, bridges, tunnels, airports, etc.  Hence, candidates desirous of becoming an integral part of this domain need to prove their mettle in Mercer| Mettl's civil engineering test.

Mercer | Mettl's civil engineering aptitude test is a pre-employment assessment to assess a candidate's domain knowledge in civil engineering. It measures technical knowledge (basic concepts in civil engineering) a candidate would be expected to possess, such as conceptual clarity on highway pavements, transportation infrastructure, building materials, construction, etc.

Designed by subject matter experts, this civil engineering aptitude test thoroughly reviews candidates' technical abilities. The skills of the candidate are evaluated on three levels - easy, medium and difficult. This civil engineering assessment contains 30 questions to be completed in 30 minutes. Mercer| Mettl's  civil engineering test includes a set of specific role-based application questions to assess the technical competencies on the following aspects:

Engineering Drawing and Surveying:

  • Understanding various methods used in surveying and selecting the proper method according to purpose
  • Ability to use different instruments and tools like compass, levels, theodolite, GPS and their relevant functions
  • Ability to estimate the area of given plots, land maps and 3D cross-sections

Mechanics & Structural:

  • Understanding forces, reactions and principles of equilibrium
  • Understanding and applying principles of the moment, the moment of inertia and axes of bodies
  • Ability to calculate shear, axial, bending and torsional stresses and displacements of the elements

Concrete Technology & Geotechnical Engineering:

  • Understanding different materials like cement, aggregates, types of concrete, types of soils, and their respective uses
  • Ability to compute the strength and properties of hardened concrete; soil and its applications; and methods of testing
  • Ability to design a suitable design mix and foundation for different types of construction with the use of the right quantities and volume
  • Construction Management & Transportation Engineering:
  • Understanding all types of projects, stakeholders and factors in construction; surveys and transport planning
  • Understanding budgets, finances, construction planning, labor and estimation in highway design and road traffic planning
  • Using network diagrams, critical path and PERT techniques in transportation projects and engineering of Railway components

Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering:

  • Understanding the mechanics of fluids, flow in pipes, pressures and estimate the losses in pipes which are applied in the design of pipes
  • Understanding the principles of hydraulic machinery and their application
  • Understanding the significance of water resources systems and their management with the help of water-retaining and distributing systems

Key profiles the test is used for:

  • Graduates/Undergraduate Civil Engineering trainees
  • Junior Civil Engineers
  • Construction Engineers
  • Planning Engineers

Civil Engineering Competency Framework

Get a detailed look inside the test

Civil Engineering Assessment Competencies Under Scanner

Civil Engineering


Engineering Drawing and Surveying

Demonstrating an ability to apply different tools and techniques of designing and surveying in construction projects

Mechanics & Structural Design

Demonstrating an ability to understand mechanics in structures and solids; and apply principles of mechanics in construction

Concrete Technology & Geotechnical Engineering

Demonstrating an ability to understand working of concrete; soil, foundations and supporting materials and its applications in reinforced structures

Construction Management & Transportation Engineering

Demonstrating efficient skills in understanding and managing different aspects in a construction project and to apply principles in transportation engineering and related projects like Airports and Railway design

Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering

Demonstrating an ability to understand the mechanics of fluids and governing equations of fluid flows in order to design pipe systems, basics of hydraulics and hydraulic machinery, and management of water resources by designing hydraulic structures

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