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Online Leadership Assessment to Measure Crucial Leadership Skills: Assessment for Better Leadership Hiring

Leadership is an essential function of the management that helps enhance productivity by bringing out the best in others. Driving organizational success by achieving goals, making risky and tough decisions, surpassing the competition, and motivating team members to perform their best are just some of many important functions of the leadership in any company. Influential leaders devise unique ways for their teams to work in a concerted manner and achieve goals collectively.

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Inside This Mettl Leadership Assessment

Influential leaders help in unleashing the full potential of their organization. They implement powerful strategies and provide specific directives that yield fruitful results. Leadership skills test measures candidates’ ability to assign authority and task, plan and implement individuals’ development plans, provide valuable feedback and guidance, and convince others to follow their ideas and techniques.

The difference between success and failure of a business unit or organization is often dependent on leadership. It is often confused with extraversion and is hard to judge objectively. This assessment helps organizations identify a leader's strengths and develop breakthrough leadership by mapping it to four functions critical to leadership effectiveness in an organization: Lead by Example, Build Diverse and Successful Teams, Accelerate Innovation & Orchestrate Change, and Lead Business, along with 10 competencies. The Mettl Leadership Assessment helps identify the dominant leadership style for determining the fitment for a role or organization.

Rather than conforming to a particular leadership style, this leadership test follows a holistic approach of assessing leadership competencies by including questions of on an evidence based model of personality and cognitive skills that assess a candidate's leadership potential. This pre-employment screening test will help you recognize potential leaders who have a particular interest in guiding and inspiring others to achieve the organization's goals.

These future leaders will be able to align the company's requirements with the aspirations and expertise of their team members to produce impeccable results, come what may. Great leaders practice what they preach and provide a space for people to share ideas, discuss problem areas, and take ownership of their work.

Excellent leaders have a bit of inclination combined with acquired skills that distinguish them as good leaders. While some individuals do not possess a natural tendency to lead a group, others need a head start by taking up training courses. The following assessment will evaluate a person's leadership skills and style to determine whether he/she possesses the personality traits and skills that are crucial for good leaders.

Key profiles the test is useful for:

  • All CXO level roles
  • President/ Vice President/ Director
  • Mid-management level roles
Test Details:

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Test Duration

115 minutes

Test Language


NOTE: If required, the test can be offered in other languages as well. Please connect with us for any such requirement.

The assessment includes:

Mettl Personality Map Assesses the candidate's behavioral competencies required for a leadership role. The Mettl Personality Map is a robust tool which provides comprehensive narration of 28 personality facets critical for work related outcomes. It has strong psychometric properties and has been standardized on a global population.
Mettl Cognitive SkillsAssesses a candidate's reasoning and decision making skills. The Cognitive questions are designed to evaluate a candidate's ability to solve novel problems, draw logical inferences and recognize invalid assumptions. 
Leadership Style SurveyAssesses the behavioral patterns that a leader acquires to influence his/her followers, i.e., the leader's approach to guide his/her subordinates and inspire them to achieve the desired goal.

Leadership Competency Framework

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Leadership Assessment Competencies Under Scanner

Leadership Assessment


Lead Business

Ability to set vision for future, work across boundaries to develop strategic relationship and take critical decisions to adapt and handle the challenges of new age business world to lead the organization successfully.

Strategic Thinking

Demonstrate a tendency to think long term, take a broader perspective and build a shared vision with others. Formulates strategies to achieve the vision of the organization and focuses one's energy and resources in effective execution of strategy.

Leveraging Networks

Demonstrate a tendency to develops networks and builds alliances across boundaries to build strategic relationships and effectively leverage them to achieve common goals.

Critical Decision Making

Demonstrating an ability to solve problems and make critical decisions after considering all available data and derive valid conclusions based on evidence and logical relationship.

Lead by Example

Tendency to constantly seek learning new things, being open to feedback, remain focused in the face of adversity and effectively manage one's emotions.

Learning Orientation

Demonstrate a tendency to internalize a learning mindset and constantly seek opportunities to learn. Being open to feedback and reflect on past experiences so that one can learn from success and failures.


Demonstrate a tendency to remain focused in the face of adversity and uncertainty. Demonstrate an ability to manage difficult situations by effective management of emotions and self.

Build Diverse and Successful Teams

Tendency to promote diversity and collaboration and develop team members by coaching and mentoring them to help them grow, develop and become future leaders.

Developing Team

Demonstrate a tendency to focus on team member's professional growth and development by identifying their strengths and areas of development. Create learning opportunities for the team members and mentor them to achieve their developmental goals.

Fostering Diversity & Collaboration

Demonstrate a tendency to value the importance of diversity and inclusion to lead the team of diverse individual successfully. Demonstrate a tendency to build a collaborative and an inclusive team culture and leverage diversity to work effectively.

Accelerate Innovation & Orchestrate Change

Ability to think innovatively and always work towards building a culture of experimentation and constant innovation. Demonstrating an ability to manage change to ensure the organization stays relevant with changing times.

Fostering Innovation

Demonstrating a tendency to approach issues differently, think out of box and strive for constant innovation. Demonstrate a tendency to foster a culture which encourages people to innovate by experimentation and 'failing fast' with new ideas and share its learnings across the organization.

Navigating Ambiguity

Demonstrating an ability to handle ambiguous or unpredictable situations comfortably and demonstrating the ability to manage one's work even without having all the necessary details.

Change Management

Demonstrating an ability to communicate the need and the rationale for change and ensuring that all stakeholders are comfortable with it. It also involves being able to minimize complexities or reduce their impact and smoothen the process of change.

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