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General Mental Abilities Test to assess candidates' mental prowess and untapped potential

The General Mental Abilities Test, a form of aptitude assessment, has become widely employed as part of the employee selection process. Its primary objective is to evaluate a candidate's well-rounded mental competence rather than specific job-related knowledge or skills. This approach enables recruiters to identify promising talent during the pre-employment stage. 

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Inside this General Mental Ability Assessment

General mental ability encompasses a candidate's ability to comprehend verbal information, interpret and process numerical data, analyze information presented in tables and graphs, employ lateral thinking, and establish logical connections between words and concepts to derive essential insights. By assessing general mental ability, hiring managers can identify hidden gems – individuals with the vital skills to succeed and truly excel in the workplace. 

Talent acquisition professionals can employ the General Mental Abilities Test online to pre-screen and shortlist candidates before hiring. This assessment gauges an individual's cognitive competencies across various subskills, including abstract, numeric, and verbal reasoning.  

Candidates who perform well on this assessment tend to possess strong critical thinking and analytical skills, enabling them to recognize and address workplace risks and make rational decisions in stressful situations, ensuring a safer work environment. 

This test is commonly employed for a range of pivotal roles across all job levels spanning diverse industries, as mentioned below: 

• Professionals across various critical roles at all job levels 

• Individual contributors 

• Mid and senior management roles across industries  

Total Questions: 34 

Time Allotted: 60 minutes


Employers utilize the General Mental Ability (GMA) Test during their recruitment and selection process to identify high-potential candidates with exceptional potential and mental abilities such as high-order critical thinking, problem-solving, and deconstruction skills. This standardized aptitude test features items that offer consistent and accurate scoring, making it a cost-effective and efficient assessment that saves time and resources. 

The General Mental Ability Test evaluates an individual's cognitive potential and suitability for various roles, streamlining the hiring process by focusing resources on top talent. By recruiting candidates with strong mental abilities, employers can improve organizational outcomes, such as productivity and innovation. 

This test assesses cognitive potential, measuring abstract, numeric, and verbal reasoning rather than specific skills or knowledge. 

Here are some reasons why employers consider the GMA test essential for their talent assessment process: 

Identify High Performers: The Mental Ability Test helps find candidates with the potential for long-term success and outstanding performance in their roles, leading to better business outcomes. 

Reduce Bias in Evaluation: The General Mental Ability Test is designed to be objective and standardized, reducing the impact of hiring biases and ensuring candidates are assessed based on their abilities, not just their credentials. 

Support Career Development: This test can highlight areas needing further training or development, helping candidates acquire the skills necessary for success. 

Enhance Team Dynamics: Assessing applicants for general mental ability allows employers to build diverse and well-balanced teams, leading to better collaborative dynamics. 

The GMA test's use as a selection tool increases the likelihood of identifying candidates with a wide range of cognitive abilities, which is crucial for many job roles. 

Most importantly, candidates with strong general mental ability are more likely to stick to safety guidelines and make better decisions in high-pressure situations, improving workplace safety. They can quickly recognize safety hazards and respond appropriately, reducing potential risks. 

General Mental Ability Test Competency Framework

Get a detailed look inside the test

Mental Ability Test Competencies Under Scanner

General Mental Ability Test


Abstract reasoning

This part contains abstract reasoning questions to evaluate a candidate's skill in grasping complex concepts, recognizing patterns, and logical thinking.

Numeric reasoning

The questions in this section cover diverse topics, including averages and mixtures, ratios and percentages, profit and loss, numbers, permutation, and combination, age problems, time and work, and tables and graphs.

Verbal reasoning

This section covers questions related to para jumbles and reading comprehension.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mercer| Mettl's GMA Test is a valuable tool for enhancing recruiters' hiring process. It helps to identify candidates with exceptional cognitive competencies, ensuring hiring managers select individuals with strong problem-solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills. This, in turn, leads to improved team dynamics, enhanced workplace safety, and better overall business outcomes. 

Yes, the GMA Test is designed to be objective and standardized. It focuses on evaluating cognitive abilities rather than credentials, which reduces the impact of biases in any hiring process. By relying on this assessment, recruiters can rest assured that candidates are assessed based on their abilities, leading to a fair and equitable selection process. 

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