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Identify and nurture the right talent with behavioural tests

Predict talent performance and job success with Mercer | Mettl’s behavioural assessments

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What are behavioural assessment tests?

Mercer | Mettl's behavioural assessments evaluate personality and behavioural competencies, helping organisations create a thriving workplace. The employment behavioural assessments are standardized to assess the motivators, fears, and values of potential talent, enhancing hiring effectiveness and performance prediction.

Streamline people decisions with our behavioural competency tests

Behavioural assessment tests to measure critical competencies such as personality and interpersonal skills.

Build the right learning roadmap

Customized learning roadmap

Identify and create development plans tailored to talent needs

Comprehensive library

Extensive library of tests

Comprehensive test library to assess agility, leadership acumen and other competencies

Accurately predict workplace

Predict workplace Behaviour

Identify candidates with the right behavioural fit and create a positive work culture

Validate hiring

Improve hiring efficiency and performance

Reduce the chance of hires that do not fit your organisational needs

Immersive reports

Immersive insights for better hiring decisions

Objective and actionable insights to support better people decisions

Find and foster future leaders

Identify and foster future leaders

Evaluate leadership potential and create a succession pipeline


Insights for better hiring and development decisions

Get objective and actionable insights with our employment behavioural assessments

Situational judgment tests

Measure the candidate’s ability to select the most effective response in role-specific scenarios

Group performance skills

Assess the candidate’s ability to perform and communicate in a group or team effectively

Caselet sets

Evaluate the candidate’s ability to solve the problems highlighted in a business scenario

Case study simulators

Assess the candidate’s ability to identify issues and recommend actions

Assess crucial workplace abilities with behavioural evaluations

Our comprehensive library of behavioural assessments covers varied use cases

Use the power of behavioural science to transform people decisions

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Transforming Averda’s recruitment strategy


The secret sauce to better talent decisions


Redefine your people hiring process

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