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Simplify tech hiring with Hack I/O

With Mercer | Mettl, accurately measure the coding skills of candidates using role-based assessments and simulations.

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What is Hack I/O?

Hack I/O is a real-world simulator that measures candidates' coding competencies, fundamental knowledge, and technical experience across 30+ coding languages. The platform uses auto-graded use cases to evaluate coding skills across several job profiles.

Transform your tech hiring using Hack I/O

Our Hack I/O coding simulator evaluates developers, data scientists, and QA engineers for efficient tech hiring.

Assess role-based competencies

Assess role-based competencies

Comprehensive portfolio of coding use cases for key job roles and technologies.

Predict developer potential

Predict coding potential

Assess tech potential and experience using auto-graded simulations and assessments.

Detailed reports

Detailed reports for hiring insights

In-depth reports and consumable insights to hire experienced tech talent.

Smarter and faster hiring process

Smarter and faster hiring process

Identify and hire tech talent using optimized processes that save time and money.

Hire skilled

Hire skilled developers at ease

Predict performance and on-job efficiency of candidates to build a skilled team.


Streamline a funnel for tech talent

Streamline a talent funnel using continuous people development strategies.


Power your tech hiring strategies using Hack I/O

Inclusive coding environment

Identify coding potential across 7+ developer roles and technologies.

Real-world coding simulator

Deploy a cloud-based coding simulator to assess programming competencies

Fully auto-graded assessments

Identify technical intelligence with pre-defined auto-graded assessments.

Learning and development framework

Design a learning framework aligned with on-the-job performance

Extensive library of coding simulations to hire tech talent

Wide portfolio of coding simulations across 7+ developer profiles and technologies.

Use our coding simulator to power your tech hiring strategies

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Handbook for aptitude tests


Trends in hiring technical talent


Reducing the skills gap in tech hiring

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