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HR Manager Test to asses HR competency and proficiency in people management

The HR Manager Assessment is a pre-employment test to assess the competency of job applicants in essential HR management skills. The test thoroughly assesses candidates' proficiency in HR practices and their ability to lead and manage diverse teams effectively. It will assist in identifying recruiting managers with the requisite skills to enhance employee experiences, adeptly handle risk, and offer valuable insights for decision-making which benefit stakeholders. 

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Inside this HR Manager Test

This HR Manager Assessment comprehensively evaluates various skills crucial for individuals in HR leadership positions. Its purpose is to identify individuals with exceptional leadership, management, negotiation, interviewing, and recruitment abilities – all of which are vital for fostering organizational growth. 

The assessment covers various competencies pertinent to human resources, including work management, people management, cognitive aptitude, and domain knowledge. These competencies are instrumental for success in an HR manager role. 

The role of an HR manager is both demanding and rewarding. Given the pivotal responsibilities they shoulder, from upholding quality standards within the organization to facilitating the growth and development of employees, it is crucial for organizations to find the most suitable candidates who will excel in such roles. 

Unlike resumes, which primarily emphasize experience over skills, the HR Manager Assessment plays a pivotal role in recruitment. It ensures that only candidates possessing the requisite expertise and capabilities are selected, resulting in more objective, pragmatic, and well-informed hiring decisions. 

The HR Manager Skills Test assists in screening candidates for the following positions: 

  • HR manager 

  • Talent acquisition manager 

  • Compensation and benefit manager 


Human resource (HR) managers are indispensable to an organization's success, assuming multifaceted roles to ensure the efficient functioning of the HR department and contribute to the holistic success of the organization. They serve as a mediator that fosters a harmonious balance between employee and management relationships. 

Competent and proficient HR professionals form the cornerstone of organizational success. Whether it involves crafting and implementing compliant HR management policies and procedures or resolving intricate organizational challenges through human capital solutions, they are the go-to problem solvers for all things HR. They cultivate and nurture meaningful, productive relationships within the organization and play a vital role in aligning HR strategy with business objectives to achieve organizational goals. 

In today's fiercely competitive business environment, coupled with a surge in employee turnover, companies face the arduous task of identifying top talent to fill specialized roles. This is where HR managers step in, playing a critical role in managing a diverse, multi-generational workforce. They handle many responsibilities, including talent acquisition, compensation management, policy formulation, employee relations, training and development, conflict resolution, and more. 

However, companies face challenges when recruiting HR candidates with strong managerial skills. These roles demand a blend of interpersonal abilities and strategic thinking, making identifying individuals who excel in both areas challenging. These roles require individuals who can adeptly navigate organizational intricacies and handle demanding situations, making the pool of eligible candidates even scarcer. 

To address this challenge, organizations pursuing adept HR professionals require scientifically validated pre-hire assessments that can distinguish high-potential candidates from the rest. Mercer | Mettl's HR Assessment is one such assessment designed to evaluate candidates' proficiency in critical HR functions. This test assesses an individual's HR expertise, managerial aptitude, business insight, relationship management, and consultancy skills.  

Moreover, test administrators can seamlessly integrate scalable, secure, and cost-effective proctoring solutions into the assessments, simplifying the screening and selection of qualified candidates for the next stage of recruitment. The test result reports, not to mention, provide a comprehensive overview of candidates' performance, offering invaluable insights essential for making well-informed hiring decisions. 

HR Manager Test competency framework

Get a detailed look inside the test

HR Manager Test competencies under scanner

Managing Work

Managing People

Cognitive Ability

Human Resource


Change Management

The assessment includes questions related to change management to assess candidates who can demonstrate an ability to proficiently convey the rationale and significance of the change while ensuring the buy-in of all stakeholders.

Execution Excellence

The test covers questions concerning execution excellence to assess candidates capable of consistently establishing rigorous standards for achieving high-quality outcomes and demonstrating a firm determination to attain extraordinary objectives.

Ethical Propensity

Within the ethical propensity section are questions designed to assist recruiters in identifying candidates who can exhibit honesty and integrity in every interaction, whether with internal or external stakeholders. This trait is crucial for building trust and establishing a reputation as a reliable collaborator with others.

Planning and Organizing

This test section includes questions related to planning and organizing, aimed at identifying candidates who can exhibit the capacity to detail the necessary steps to achieve their goals, comprehend the required resources, prioritize tasks, and adeptly manage multiple tasks to optimize efficiency.

Process Orientation

Within this test section are questions designed to assess candidates' ability to demonstrate competence in adhering to established procedures and complying with regulations and guidelines to enhance workplace efficiency.

Strategic Orientation

This test section covers questions on strategic orientation to identify candidates who can adeptly exhibit their capacity to contemplate the immediate and long-term consequences of their actions and decisions on the organization.


Team Management

This test section comprises questions related to team management to identify individuals who can proficiently demonstrate the capability to collaboratively work towards solutions that benefit all members within a group.

Effective Communication

Within this test section are questions to identify the most suitable candidates who can express their thoughts and ideas through appropriate communication.


This test section includes networking questions to assess and identify candidates who can proficiently demonstrate their ability to establish professional networks and personal relationships both within and outside the organization. This ability enables them to acquire information and resources, contributing to individual and organizational success.

Service Orientation

This test section encompasses questions related to service orientation, aimed at identifying the most suitable candidates who can effectively display the ability to consistently deliver excellent service to internal and external stakeholders while showing constant growth.

Negotiation and Influencing

This test section includes questions to identify individuals who can adeptly demonstrate their ability to persuade and engage with others to attain desired outcomes.


Abstract Reasoning

The abstract reasoning section includes questions to recognize candidates who can proficiently exhibit their skill in analyzing information, identifying patterns and connections, and solving intricate and conceptual problems. In addition, it seeks candidates who can excel in unfamiliar or novel situations.

Critical Thinking

The critical thinking section comprises questions intended to identify candidates who can proficiently demonstrate the ability to apply logical reasoning and critically assess presented information.

Verbal Reasoning

This section includes questions to identify candidates who can proficiently exhibit their skill in comprehending, interpreting, and communicating messages with clarity and precision. It also includes formulating grammatically correct sentences to ensure effective information delivery.

This test section comprises HR questions to identify candidates who can proficiently demonstrate their skills in establishing relationships between employees and management, conflict resolution, recruitment management, and performing the day-to-day functions of the human resources department. These skills contribute to the organization's pursuit of ethical and business objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

HR competency assessment tools represent a structured method for gathering information about prospective hires. Employers utilize these tools to inform their decisions regarding applicant selection. These assessments evaluate an individual's interests, experience, and qualifications in HR management. 

An HR Manager Skills Test evaluates candidates' competencies in critical areas of HR management, including recruitment, training, employee relations, policy implementation, and strategic planning. It aids in assessing their knowledge, decision-making abilities, and problem-solving skills related to HR responsibilities within an organization

Yes, at Mercer | Mettl, this can be accomplished. Please contact us if you need additional information, and we will happily offer further assistance. 


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