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Personality Profiler Test to reveal core personality attributes and behaviour patterns

The Personality Profiler Test, founded on empirical evidence, is an assessment process that probes deeply into an individual's fundamental personality traits and behavioural tendencies. This assessment, crafted with carefully curated questions and scenarios, reveals invaluable insights into an individual's disposition, work preferences, communication style, and potential strengths.

This Personality/ Psychometric Tests enables organisations to assess candidates' personalities across diverse job roles. It meticulously evaluates competencies such as adaptability, determination, emotional regulation, trustworthiness, and more, providing an intricate understanding of individuals' capabilities.


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Inside This Personality Profiler Assessment

The Personality Profiler Test delivers a comprehensive analysis of a candidate's inherent personality traits and work-style preferences, offering valuable insights into their potential behaviours based on inclinations and preferences.

Based on the OCEAN Model, this test identifies five foundational domains that constitute a robust personality profile – the 'Big Five' personality traits. These traits play a crucial role in predicting critical job-related outcomes, including work performance, potential, trainability, and subsequent job satisfaction:

• Openness to experience (imaginative/exploratory vs. consistent/cautious)

• Conscientiousness (efficient/organised vs. easy-going/careless)

• Emotional stability (secure/confident vs. sensitive/nervous)

• Agreeableness (friendly/compassionate vs. cold/unkind)

• Extraversion (outgoing/energetic vs. solitary/reserved)

Our dedicated team of psychometricians and subject matter experts affiliated with SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology) has meticulously developed 26 scales based on the Five-Factor Model. These scales correspond with precise performance frameworks and essential behavioural proficiencies vital for excelling in diverse job positions and industries. This assessment procedure provides the following advantages:

• Recognising candidates embodying highly sought-after personality traits.

• Confirming candidates' alignment with the organisational culture.

• Elevating the calibre of recruitment efforts.

• Offering crucial insights for pivotal HR determinations, including training and growth initiatives, the identification of high-potential individuals, and succession planning.

• Fostering increased employee involvement and commitment.

• Mitigating attrition rates.

The Personality Profiler Test provides organisations with invaluable insights and tangible advantages in making informed talent decisions and nurturing a thriving work environment.


Gaining a deep understanding of employee personalities is critical for achieving operational success and effectively managing the workforce. By understanding employee personalities, employers can harness their strengths and optimise productivity.

Moreover, comprehending the inherent traits of candidates can offer valuable insights into their potential performance and responses in various situations. Employers can uncover these attributes through a Personality Profiler Test, a reliable screening tool.

Crafted by experts, these personality profile assessments scrutinise individuals from a behavioural perspective to decode their personalities. These tests concentrate on five vital traits: openness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, agreeableness, and extraversion. Understanding these attributes is imperative, as each person is unique. Competency alone is not the sole requirement for job performance excellence. Hence, it is reasonable to assert that Personality Profiler Tests are pivotal for organisations to gain a better understanding of their workforce.

Importance of a Personality Profiler Test

Organisations endeavour to match potential hires with the requisite behavioural attributes, personality traits, and motivation to ensure the right fit for specific roles. Personality Profiler Tests offer a holistic view of candidates' personality characteristics, enabling employers to spot suitable candidates with desirable traits.

These tests not only aid in the hiring process but also contribute to a better employee experience, heightened motivation, and increased engagement. Therefore, Personality Assessments play a pivotal role in the workplace, and employers should leverage them during the hiring process.

Aligning Talent with Organisational Objectives

HR and Learning and development professionals face the challenge of aligning their teams with the organisation's objectives while ensuring that their contributions are impactful and in sync with those goals. For companies striving for agility and creativity to remain competitive, discovering talented employees with robust creative thinking, critical problem-solving skills, and alignment with the organisation's goals is vital. Additionally, highly engaged employees are better equipped to carry out their responsibilities conscientiously.

The escalating demands from consumers and communities have compelled organisations across sectors to address talent and skill gaps swiftly. However, despite investments in employee development programs, the return on investment is different from expectations. Skill gaps persist and continue to widen unless addressed promptly. Organisations of all sizes recognise the urgency of accelerating changes in employee performance, behaviour, and effectiveness. They need actionable insights to bridge the gaps and initiate the desired transformation. This is where Personality Profiler Tests prove invaluable. These scientifically validated assessments evaluate aspects of an employee's personality that remain relatively constant throughout their professional lives, providing a gauge of alignment between behaviour and performance.

In conclusion, Personality Profiler Tests are indispensable tools for organisations seeking a comprehensive understanding of their workforce, aligning talent with organisational goals and driving positive change in employee performance and behaviour.

Personality Profile Assessment Competency Framework

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Personality Profiler Test Competencies Under Scanner


Emotion regulation





Customer service




Displaying the capacity to be answerable for one's actions and choices, fulfilling commitments, and refraining from assigning blame to others in the event of setbacks.

Ethical Inclination

Exhibiting truthfulness and ethical conduct in all interactions with internal and external stakeholders to cultivate their confidence.



Exhibiting the capability to maintain a positive mindset, uphold strong self-confidence, and steer clear of self-critique.

Stress Management

Displaying proactive coping approaches when confronting difficulties or adversity, adeptly managing emotions constructively and favourably.


Learning agility

Exhibiting proficiency in acquiring fresh skills and keeping knowledge current to stay in sync with contemporary trends and advancements.

Initiative Taking

Demonstrating a knack for taking the lead, actively pursuing accountability, and independently recognising and resolving potential issues without external prompting.



Exhibiting adept collaborative skills to attain shared goals and objectives.


Demonstrating an understanding of and responsiveness to variances among individuals while effectively functioning within a diverse setting.



Demonstrating the ability to build and establish extensive affiliations and interpersonal relationships both inside and outside the organisation, aimed at collecting information and resources.

Interpersonal Skills/Social Competence

Demonstrating the ability to engage positively and cultivate harmonious relationships, possessing the necessary social skills for productive group interactions.


Process Orientation

Demonstrating the ability to follow established protocols, conform to guidelines and regulations, and guarantee workplace safety, compliance, and operational efficiency.

Result Orientation

Demonstrating unwavering dedication to attaining defined goals, channelling efforts and resources toward task completion.


Demonstrating the ability to formulate an organised strategy for oneself and team members, securing the attainment of goals within set timeframes, and a predisposition to prioritise tasks based on their urgency and significance.


Service orientation

Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional service to internal and external customers, perpetually working towards enhancing the overall customer experience.

Quality focus

Demonstrating persistent meticulousness in upholding elevated standards and guaranteeing the quality of outcomes.



Demonstrating the ability to modify and acclimate to changes, maintaining resilience and taking proactive measures in dynamic and evolving scenarios.


Demonstrating an inclination for original and inventive thinking when addressing job duties and enhancing processes, techniques, systems, or services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Personality Profiler Test is a comprehensive assessment designed to gauge the genuine potential of candidates. Rooted in the well-established Big Five personality model, this test aligns candidates' personalities and interests with real-world job requirements.

These assessments, meticulously crafted by experts, analyse individuals from a behavioural standpoint to grasp their personality traits. The tests concentrate on five core dimensions: openness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, agreeableness, and extraversion. Recognising these attributes is crucial because each person is distinct, and personality is one of the most defining factors in job performance. Consequently, Personality Profiler Tests are indispensable for organisations seeking a deeper insight into their workforce.

Personality Tests do not produce a pass or fail grade. Their purpose is to uncover an individual's strengths, areas for growth, and various aspects of their personality. Candidates' performance is subsequently evaluated by the job's prerequisites, enabling employers to pinpoint the most appropriate candidates.

Employers aim to identify candidates with personality characteristics that match the prerequisites of the role. For example, technical positions require a careful and detail-oriented work style, an emphasis on workplace safety, and effective stress management. On the other hand, sales roles demand a competitive spirit, performance-driven motivation, and the capability to adeptly secure sales transactions.

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