Aptitude is referred to as the natural mental ability to derive meaning and intelligence out of information. It is a person’s skill or innate talent in any activity or field. It comprises fluid reasoning, the ability to absorb new information to solve problems in novel situations. And crystallized reasoning, the ability to use information acquired over a lifetime to perform tasks.

Aptitude is often considered a critical competence to perform particular work at a certain cognitive level. A person with outstanding aptitude means he/she has a high intellect level or is a quick learner. One can measure aptitude using several tests as individuals may possess various types of aptitude. Several experts have defined aptitude as the inborn potential in an individual.

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Aptitude assessments are a fundamental futuristic evaluation criterion that is used to scout for a small group of quality candidates from a mass pool. It ensures every hired professional brings certain value to the company rather than merely filling up a vacancy. By gaining insights into an applicant's capability to learn, comprehend, apply and analyze, hiring managers are able to look beyond merits, instead at the actual potential.

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