Succession Planning Matrix

Succession planning matrix is a well-structured process that highlights an organization’s strengths with clarity. A 9-box grid forms the crux of a succession planning matrix in which individuals are classified into nine sub-categories based on individual performance and potential. A diagnosis is then undertaken for their development. Succession planning matrix is also a widely used talent management tool today.

A succession planning matrix uses a 9-box grid to gain insights into an organization’s performance and talent to create an impactful and successful succession plan. A succession planning matrix also recognizes those with the potential to become a part of the succession pool and addresses their vulnerabilities to meet imminent needs. It lays a successful and structured pathway, offering enhanced responsibilities and exposure.

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Succession planning is a detailed and vital undertaking to identify people who could immediately, or after targeted development, assume key positions. Considering the evolving workforce, various companies ensure that the succession plan is adhered to periodically and is adapted at all levels, be it leadership roles, mission-critical positions or niche roles.

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