Staff Succession Planning

Staff succession planning is undertaken to plan for internal replacements in situations where employees retire or move on abruptly. Staff succession planning helps businesses develop a pool of talented candidates capable enough to step up and shoulder roles to ensure that company operations are not jeopardized and continue unabated despite attrition, retirement or unfortunate death.

Staff succession planning is undertaken for roles that may not only be mission-critical but also challenging to replace. Staff succession planning ensures a better understanding of the talent pipeline available internally while creating awareness about the existing individuals’ strengths. In case a potential successor needs training or development, there should be sufficient time to expose him/her to the full spectrum of opportunities within a firm.

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Succession planning is a detailed and vital undertaking to identify people who could immediately, or after targeted development, assume key positions. Considering the evolving workforce, various companies ensure that the succession plan is adhered to periodically and is adapted at all levels, be it leadership roles, mission-critical positions or niche roles.

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