Skills Gap Analysis

Skills gap analysis is a strategic approach to assess and bridge your workforce’s skills gaps. Skills gap analysis is a planned tool that gauges the difference between your organization’s current and desired skills level, providing you with the correct information to make critical business decisions and become future-ready. Skills gap analysis is an essential component of workforce planning today and can considerably contribute to promotion decisions, upskilling or reskilling, training and development programs and leadership planning.

Skills gap analysis is essential for a future-ready workforce as it delves into employees’ current and required skill levels to help create a fail-proof training program. It is the most critical step needed to upskill your employees for the future of work. Skills gap analysis is a multifaceted approach that views current skills from a future perspective.

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Training needs analysis is an essential exercise for building a future-ready workforce. Training needs analysis is a structured process through which an organization can find out the skill gap in their workforce by assessing their current skill level vis-a-vis the required competencies in the future of work. Training needs analysis can significantly benefit organizations and employees by contributing to the creation of effective training programs thereby improving the efficacy of the training program.

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Mercer | Mettl's Training Needs Assessment

Identify who, what, and how to train based on holistic and validated training needs assessments

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