Virtual/Online Campus Hiring

Virtual campus hiring refers to undertaking campus hiring activities using digital technology and means. Virtual campus hiring is used by organizations to connect, assess and onboard graduates using online technology-based tools. Akin to regular campus events, online campus hiring involves campus engagement, assessment, screening, interviewing and onboarding. Virtual campus hiring is easily scalable and highly resource and time-efficient.

Virtual campus hiring uses innovative and automated tools to avoid the logistical hassles of conducting physical campus drives. Campus engagement can be done through hackathons, ideathons and case-study competitions. Organizations can conduct assessments through remote video proctoring. Assessments are auto-graded and enable simple screening, and video interview platforms can be used to conduct effective interviews. With an increasing number of organizations preferring the hybrid or the remote working model, virtual campus hiring will likely soon replace physical campus hiring drives.

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Campus hiring is an important part of the recruitment strategy of an organization. It enables organizations to connect, assess, select, and engage fresh graduates. While traditionally organizations use to visit multiple campuses, technology has enabled end-to-end campus hiring drives to go digital. With the evolution of remote assessments secured by proctoring technology, virtual interviews, online hackathons and case study competitions, organizations are now exploring virtual campus hiring.

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