Mettl Launches Online Certification Platform

Global online skills assessment company Mettl today announced the launch of its new online certification platform, providing a secure, flexible platform that enables companies to efficiently deliver online IT and other certification programs to candidates around the world

Why Tech Certifications Trump Tech Experience

Don Tennant of IT Business Edge interviewed Subhash Tantry about the relevance of college degrees, the true value of certifications and work experience.

IT Certifications: Discover Where the Value Lies

Sharon Florentine of discusses the business value of technical certifications and how they have evolved to become more performance-oriented.

Designer candidate exams eliminate bad hires

Our CEO Ketan Kapoor talks about the costs of wrong hiring, and using customized assessments to reduce the risk.

Fixing the Gap in Skill Level Without Hiring or Firing

Employers who seek out stronger talent end up eliminating employees who bring little to the table, in exchange for new employees who require additional time and training. I believe we can fix the gap in skill level without always resorting to more hiring and firing, if we start by investing in the employees we already have- Ketan Kapoor discusses his views in The London Economic.

Are professional certifications still relevant?

Subhash Tantry, President of Mettl, throws light on the widespread problem of cheating in professional certifications.

What is the Future of Professional Certificate Programs

What is the future of professional certificate programs? Subhash Tantry, President, Mettl, shares his views and new ideas.

Lack of infrastructure is the primary challenge for online education

In a panel discussion at the VCCircle Education Investment Summit 2013, our and COO, Tonmoy Shingal, alongwith a panel of experts from Pearson Inc, YouTube, Edusoft, and Kaizen Private Equity, discusses the Indian online education market, the opportunities and challenges. Watch the panel discussion on video here.

To catch a test-taking thief (with technology)

Now that American education has entered the era of the MOOC ? the Massive Open Online Course ? the opportunity for cheating appears greater than ever. How can a proctor possibly manage the far-flung multitudes, let alone smoke out cheaters taking tests across the Internet?

At ease with numbers

Today, a number of platforms that deliver content to students across different subjects, languages and geographies have revolutionized the pedagogical landscape in a short span.

Skill-test industry comes of age

We have worked with many large conglomerates and have helped them reduce training costs. Recruits undergo a skill-based assessment, based ....

How Mettl is changing online examinations

Mettl's online proctoring technology eliminates the need for manual invigilation. It prevents candidates from navigating away from test window and blocks the copy-paste option. The test administrator can detect if a candidate tries to move away from the screen or refer a book by capturing live images on a web camera.

Finding right job for the right talent

Mettl tests and analyses aptitudes and job-related skills of a candidate via an online assessment and testing tool... Earlier, in April this year they launched, a self administered Math practicing and learning platform for students from grade six to ten in CBSE and ICSE schools.

Mettl bets big on MOOCs assessment

The New York Times dubbed 2012 as the year of the MOOCs, or massive open online courses...

Mettl wins the prestigious TiE50 Award

Mettl figured among the top 50 winners by TiE on May 18, 2013 at Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, USA. The TiE50 program screened 1124 companies from 24 countries and 50 best of the breed companies were announced winners.

Thomas Friedman's (New York Times) take on Mettl

...The most interesting I.T. project I came across was Mettl, which has developed an online assessment platform to help hiring managers to measure and track skills of prehires and employee's to determine if they can really do a particular job..

How Mettl is helping companies hire right candidates for right jobs

Online skill assessment platform Mettl has introduced a tool, Case Study evaluator, for the measurement of business skill evaluation, using the case study methodology...

Mettl receives the Michael Porter & IFC-Mint Strategy Award

Mettl is being referred to as a technology company but in terms of industry vertical, an education industry. In short, its operations transcends across industries as their main focus is on applications....

Mettl Raises $4 Million Series A Funding For Skills Assessment Platform

... Mettl an online skill assessment platform based out of India has raised $4 million Series A round led by IndoUS and existing investors to accelerate product development. Vani Kola, MD at IndoUS will join the board of the company.

Subscription models could see success in education domain

... A few B2B models are also emerging in the online education and assessment space. Businesses are more willing to pay for such services. We are positive on companies like Mettl, which has an online assessment and testing platform to measure and improve people skills.

Tracking Skills For The Right Hire: Mettl

Mettl is an assessment platform to measure, analyse and improve professional skills across multiple industries.

India's 20 Hottest Technology Startups

Mettl (IndusLynk Training Services):The online platform is engaged in assessment of skills of new hires for the purpose of recruitment ...

Assessing Prospective Hires and Existing Employee Competency

Every organization needs to assess its existing employees at regular intervals. In case of a possible new hire, assessment plays an important role as well. This is where Mettl comes in. The platform that Mettl provides is ideal for a company to run a multi-competency assessment.

Mettl is an Online Assessment Platform That Checks Your Mettle

Mettl is an online assessment platform that enables hiring managers in companies to measure and track skills of pre-hires and employees. Using the site, a company can create a standardized assessment based on their own requirements in less than 5 mins.

Mettl launches simulator based case study evaluator for business skills

Mettl, India's leading online skill assessment platform has introduced an innovative tool - Case Study Evaluator, to pioneer the measurement of business skill evaluation, using case study methodology.

Mettl - Presenting the future of Skill Assessments

With disruptive technology and state of the art online and e-assessment tools,Mettl is transforming the way skill assessments are conducted.

For these startups, there's money in people

For decades, recruitment was an in-house business. Now, companies are outsourcing HR ops to startups, which use everything from videos to artificial intelligence to find the best candidate and pay out salaries on time

Mettl's CEO Honored With Economic Times 40 Under 40 Entrepreneurship Award

Ketan Kapoor, Mettl's CEO takes his talent measurement business to new heights

Online review, interview key to building winning sales team: Report

Online assessments and structured interviews are key to hiring competency-based talent, yet 60 per cent of organisations do not use them to hire the perfect sales executive, says a report.

Online review, interview key to building winning sales team

Online assessments and structured interviews are key to hiring competency-based talent, yet 60 per cent of organisations do not use them to hire the perfect sales executive.

It pays to invest heavily in foot soldiers

When the blue-collar workforce is happily engaged, there are higher rewards for an organisation

How IoT Is Transforming Indian Job Market

The government is working to lay out regulations for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Once that happens, the sector will truly take off, and job opportunities will follow for those who have the necessary technical knowledge and practical skills

Competency-based hiring key factor for building winning sales team

While setting up appropriate incentive structures and effectively on-boarding your new sales hire are instrumental for better sales performance, these are not the most important activity as felt by sales leaders in India.

A wake-up call-Psychometric test to be conducted on school staff

The Gurugram school incident has made institutions realise that they need to step up their security. The murder of a minor at a school in Gurugram has left school authorities and the parents in a state of helplessness. In order to ensure the safety of students on school premises, the government and private agencies are coming up with multiple guidelines and precautions.

How to prepare to interview for your dream job

If you’re interviewing for your ‘dream job’, it implies you have a clarity of thought regarding your career aspirations, and that’s half the battle won. Make use of the interview as a golden opportunity to communicate this passion as well as ask deep and insightful questions that can set you apart as an ideal candidate for the role.

The Importance of Sales Management and Readiness for your Organisation

No matter how great a product you may have engineered, without a sales plan, it’s just no good. Sales play a crucial role in bridging the gap between a potential customer’s needs and the product’s ability to fulfil them

How Entrepreneurs can Stay Calm Under Pressure?

An entrepreneur’s life is incomplete without challenges. Long working hours, deadline pressure, enormous workload and stress are unavoidable. Starting your own venture can be rewarding, but the stress can’t be undermined.