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Marketing manager skills test assesses key marketing manager skills effectively

Marketing manager skills test assesses the most important marketing manager skills like the ability to manager customer relationships, information seeking and problem solving skills, strategic planning skills, creativity, etc. It helps assess key marketing manager competencies in an insightful, streamlined manner.

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Mercer | Mettl’s sales and marketing manager skill assessment is developed by a team of qualified psychometricians and subject matter experts to help you hire and develop professionals who have the right marketing manager competencies. This test also measures learning agility, stress tolerance, achievement orientation, creativity, customer relationship management, influence and strategic planning skills among other important marketing manager skills
A Marketing Manager is responsible for a wide variety of tasks within the complex and competitive modern business environment. One is responsible for a job ranging from planning strategies to promoting a product/service to the target audience through means of events, advertising and campaigns. The marketing manager skills test helps measure how well a possible recruit fits the role.
This test can be used for:

  • Screening for candidates with a marketing manager profile
  • Identifying gaps and preparing first-time managers
  • Talent maximization
  • Identifying areas of training and development
  • Key profiles the test is useful for:
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Executive
  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Campaign Manager
  • MBA with 2-3 years of experience in marketing


This Assessment is a part of following Skills Libraries

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Competency Under Scanner


Managing the Marketing Process

Managing the Customer Relationship

Strategic Planning Skills


Stress Tolerance

Demonstrating resilience in the face of challenges or adversity and being able to manage one's emotions in a positive and effective manner.

Achievement Orientation

Demonstrating an ability to set high standards for self and the team and having the drive to achieve excellence.

Learning Agility

Demonstrating an ability to learn new skills and effectively modify one's knowledge basis the availability of new information.


Demonstrating an ability to hold back one's emotions, control one's impulses, and respond calmly and objectively to others.


Demonstrating an ability to change and innovate to sure the organization stays relevant and current with changing times.


Demonstrating an understanding of one's own abilities and having the belief that one possesses the capabilities to succeed.


Result Orientation

Demonstrating a strong will to achieve what one sets out to do. Focusing one's energy and resources to finish what one has started.

Taking Initiatives

Demonstrating an ability to take initiative and seek responsibility without being forced or pushed to do so. Demonstrating an eagerness to work on tasks without being told.

Information Seeking

Demonstrating an ability to go beyond the questions that are routine or required in the job. It implies asking the right questions to get the required information to accomplish tasks.

Problem Solving

Demonstrating an ability to resolve issues and overcome challenges effectively by utilizing available resources and methods in the least amount of time.


Demonstrating an ability to stay focused and persistent to accomplish goals in the face of adversity or obstacles.


Understanding customers' needs

Demonstrating an ability to understand the stated and unstated needs and requirements of customers.

Networking with others

Demonstrating an ability to build professional networks and personal relationships within and outside the organization as a way of gathering information and resources to ensure individual as well as organizational success.

Influencing Others

Demonstrating an ability to convince others of one's points of view and ideas.


Demonstrating an ability to understand the feelings of other people by imagining oneself in their situations.


Analyzing Bestsellers

Demonstrating an ability to strategically analyze bestsellers of the organization and reach a long range goal.

Competitors' Performance Awareness

Demonstrating a tendency to update oneself with the competitors activities and presence in the market and use that knowledge for the betterment of the business.

Gathering customers reactions to products

Demonstrating a tendency to gather customer feedback in order to understand and serve them better.

Planning product ranges and stocks

Demonstrating a tendency to efficiently and effectively deploy and allocate an organization's resources when and where they are needed.

Advertising and Promotion

Demonstrating an ability to maintain the organization's image by communicating positively with customers and other outlets.

Identifying and solving demand supply problems

Demonstrating an ability to identify and solve problems by gathering relevant information and working towards identifying the best possible solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The assessment has been designed on the ‘semantic differential’ format, which requires candidates to consider their preferences and choose between two " equally desirable" statements. The assessment also delivers ‘instructional warnings,’ where candidates are informed that distorted or fake responses will invalidate the assessment. The assessment tool can also identify specific response patterns that may indicate fake responses.

Yes. We can provide customized assessment solutions that consider the organization’s requirements and competency framework to determine the appropriate behaviors that indicate success in the organization's context. Please write to Mercer | Mettl with the request for assistance.

The normal probability distribution of scores of a particular norm group determines the proficiency levels required.

We have taken all necessary steps to reduce the possibility of test takers trying to present themselves in a socially desirable manner. For example, the test follows a ‘semantic differential’ format, which makes it hard to ‘guess’ the appropriate response. Additionally, the items are presented in a format that requires one to consciously think about one's preferences and then choose a more ‘desirable’ statement. The tool also identifies specific patterns of the responses and can indicate if candidates attempt to respond dishonestly.

It is possible to do so for different job roles for your organization. We follow a scientifically valid benchmarking process. Please write to us and we would be glad to assist.

The data obtained through across industries and across verticals of various types of organizations is updated in the Mettl database periodically. Utmost care is taken such that the newly added data gets incorporated periodically while preparing the reports.

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