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Computer Proficiency Exam to assess computer literacy and skills of candidates

The Computer Proficiency Exam is a pre-hiring assessment that evaluates a candidate's fundamental computer skills and knowledge of various technologies. It measures their proficiency in internet browsers, essential desktop applications, and other related computer competencies. 


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Inside this Computer Proficiency Test

This Basic Computer Skills Test evaluates a candidate's computer usage skills and assesses their knowledge of computer functions, including basic hardware, network, security, and system software. The test consists of questions of varying difficulty levels, allowing hiring managers to identify candidates with a solid understanding of computer fundamentals. 

Candidates who demonstrate proficiency in computer usage should be able to: 

  • Utilize the internet and email for official communication. 

  • Effectively use essential applications to create and edit files. 

  • Troubleshoot hardware, software, or network issues. 

  • Comfortably handle computers for business purposes. 

The computer skills proficiency test also serves as a screening tool for candidates who possess the following skills: 

  • Understanding of computer basics and the programs that enable computer functionality 

  • Knowledge of operating systems and managing computer hardware and software resources 

  • Ability to prevent unauthorized access, monitor network security, and protect network-accessible resources 

  • Proficiency in using email and the Internet for communication and other purposes 

  • Familiarity with software applications such as MS Word, MS Excel,  

  • and MS PowerPoint, as well as troubleshooting methods to achieve project objectives 

This computer proficiency test is commonly used to assess candidates for receptionists, front office executives, data entry operators, and MIS (Management Information Systems) executives. 


Computer proficiency refers to the level of competence in various computer-related fields. It encompasses a range of skills, from essential computer operation to advanced software development. In today's workplace, nearly every employee is expected to possess computer proficiency to perform their roles effectively. Computers have become ubiquitous, leading to increased productivity and streamlined processes. As a result, employees interact with computers and related technology in various ways, and much of workplace communication occurs online. 

When recruiting, hiring managers should emphasize the importance of candidates' computer literacy skills for the positions they are hiring for. Computer proficiency tests can then be used to assess and match the right talent to the appropriate roles. These tests are crucial in talent assessment of computer literacy, including the ability to use computer systems, perform typing tasks, navigate the internet, and utilize tools on Windows and macOS, which is highly valued by employers today. 

Computer proficiency tests should be an integral part of the hiring process, regardless of the role or level of competency required. It helps streamline the process and eliminate any ambiguity regarding candidates' skill levels, enabling employers to make informed hiring decisions and ensuring that new hires possess the necessary skills and experience. 

Onboarding someone who lacks digital literacy can have negative implications, as they may not be as efficient and productive as their peers. This can induce a lack of trust and hinder team dynamics, ultimately affecting the overall effectiveness and productivity of the work environment. Therefore, a basic computer knowledge test is valuable in assessing candidates' fundamental computer proficiency. 

The computer proficiency test allows hiring managers to shortlist candidates with professional working proficiency in using computers for various workplace tasks. Candidates must select the correct answers within a specified time limit. The test assesses basic concepts, standard features, and best practices in computer usage. 

Qualified candidates should be able to efficiently and accurately comprehend and interpret basic computing system functionalities, compose emails quickly, navigate the web easily, allocate disk space, and leverage various applications for various workplace tasks. Therefore, the computer skills proficiency test is essential in evaluating candidates' basic technical skills and ability to operate computer systems and related technology effectively.

Online Computer Test Competency Framework

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Computer Proficiency Test Competencies Under Scanner

Computer Proficiency Test



The questions in this category encompass various subskills related to software, hardware, utility software, and the number system.

Operating Systems

The questions in this section address different subskills, including types of files, attributes of processes, process states and control blocks, process architecture and management, memory management, and device management.

Network and Security

The questions in this segment cover a range of subskills, such as network components, network terminology, network devices, privacy, and malware and firewall protection.

Email and Internet

The questions in this section explore various subskills, including video conferencing, email management, internet domains, internet service providers, and internet connectivity and protocols.

Computer Practical

The questions in this category encompass subskills related to Windows XP, MS Office, and troubleshooting.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Basic Computer Skills Test is an assessment exam to evaluate candidates' proficiency in fundamental computer skills. This test assesses individuals' technical abilities and allows them to demonstrate their basic computer literacy. Employers can identify candidates with the necessary foundational computer knowledge and skills by administering this test. 


Microsoft Office is widely used in office environments and includes essential tools such as word processing, presentations, and spreadsheets. Candidates must enhance their proficiency in these tools as they are frequently required in the workplace. While some organizations may rely on the Apple ecosystem, candidates should primarily focus on mastering the MS Office suite for basic tasks. 

While many candidates may already possess these skills, it is essential to note that employers often consider them as minimum requirements. However, if the business operates in a specialized industry that heavily relies on specific software, recruiters should ensure they have hired candidates with a thorough understanding of those programs. If the job description explicitly mentions proficiency in particular software, candidates should highlight their experience and skills in using those tools to make a strong impression. 

Lastly, candidates need to be honest when answering interview questions. Exaggerating or providing false information about their skills can be detrimental in the long run, as employers will eventually discover the truth if expectations are not met. 

Below are some typical questions that candidates may encounter during a personal interview. By reviewing and practising their responses to these questions, aspirants can confidently answer them even in high-pressure situations: 

  • Are you interested in staying updated with the latest computer software programs and systems trends? 

  • How comfortable are you with using the various components of Microsoft Office? 

  • Which operating systems are you familiar with? 

  • How skilled are you in using spreadsheet tools? 

  • If you were tasked with establishing a social media presence for your organization, which social media platforms would you choose? 

  • What computer certifications do you currently hold? 

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your proficiency in HTML? 

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