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Digital Marketing Test for Hiring the Best Digital Marketing Talent

A digital marketing test is a pre-employment assessment to hire qualified digital marketing experts. The test helps screen out unsuitable candidates and determines skilled professionals proficient in Analytics, SEO/SEM, social media and Inbound, Affiliate, and E-mail Marketing.

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Inside This Digital Marketing Test

The demand for accomplished digital marketing experts is outstripping the supply. Large, mid-sized, and small enterprises are shifting from old-school marketing methods to digital strategies. Consequently, companies are looking for more digital marketers, and the demand for skilled experts is incredibly high. Therefore, recruiting the right digital marketer is integral to any business’ growth. If you have also undertaken this task and grappled with a vast applicant pool, administering a digital marketing test is the most effective way to whittle the list down to find the best candidates.

The digital marketing test will help you assess crucial digital marketing skills and filter out those applicants who do not meet the criteria. This test will help gauge candidates' marketing expertise on critical competencies. In addition, the test questions are aptly structured to assess the test-taker's ability to solve complex digital marketing problems. As a result, these tests will provide a simple yet remarkably efficient method to determine the essential skills. 

Designed by subject matter experts, this 35-minutes test includes 35 questions to assess candidates' knowledge of digital marketing.  

This digital marketing assessment helps to screen the candidates who possess the following skills: 

  • Ability to execute the most modern and effective content strategies to provide the best possible organic search rankings  
  • Ability to plan and execute all SEO/SEM initiatives for different media advertising campaigns with website optimization  
  • Ability to execute advertisement campaigns with an expert implementation of skills such as Google AdWords and Google Analytics  
  • Knowledge of all paid social media channels, emails, and display advertising campaigns 

This test aims to gauge critical domain-specific skills, such as

  • Applying the principles of SEO and inbound marketing,  
  • Understanding advertising and analytics,  
  • Knowledge of influencers’ marketing, affiliate marketing  
  • and much more besides  

The digital marketing test can help recruiters identify candidates with 0-2 years of work experience across IT (Information Technology),  ITeS, banking and finance, insurance, FMCG, retail, hospitality, and healthcare. Moreover, hiring managers can also use this test to screen candidates from tier II and tier III engineering colleges during campus hiring.

Key profiles this digital marketing skills assessment is used for:  

  • Digital Marketing Expert  
  • Digital Marketing Specialist  
  • Digital Marketing Consultant  
  • Digital Marketing Executive


One cannot overemphasize that digital marketing initiatives are essential to helping organizations grow exponentially in a short amount of time. Digital marketing has redefined the way businesses operate and interact with their clients. The profound impact of digital marketing campaigns on a company's profit margins can be attributed to the fact that online marketing can drive business growth.

Integrating this marketing component into a broader marketing campaign can enable a brand to enhance its efficacy. On the other hand, a business without adequately implemented digital marketing strategies seems to be mired in a state of stagnation. With a rapidly evolving and growing online marketplace comes the onus on brick-and-mortar companies either to shift to a digital business model or to bolster existing marketing activities through digital marketing initiatives. Hence, it is incontestable that digital marketing is the surefire way for businesses to achieve sustainability, immunity, and exponential growth.

Consumers' habits, behaviors and attitudes are undergoing continual change. For example, it is easily noticeable that most B2C and B2B buyers prefer researching online over buying impulsively. In a rapidly growing market, agile business leaders assess and fine-tune their digital marketing efforts for optimal outcomes supported by skilled digital marketing professionals.

Every business is placing a premium on digital channels for tapping potential growth while finding the balance between traditional and digital marketing strategies. Consequently, industries seek top digital marketing talent to maximize online visibility. However, the need for such talent is only increasing. Yet many companies fail to attract and retain top talent due to a lack of comprehensive and highly efficient pre-employment screening tools. That is where the role of digital marketing skills tests comes into play.

A digital marketing assessment enables recruiting managers to identify potential talent by gauging the work readiness of candidates. For this reason, the candidates must undergo such a domain assessment to evaluate their applied skills in digital marketing gained through actual work experience rather than academic knowledge. Moreover, in-depth insights from the digital marketing aptitude test can give employers a detailed analysis of the candidate's abilities, thus helping to make a well-informed hiring decision based on the test performance.

The skills evaluated in this assessment include how proficient the candidate is in social media marketing, advertising and analytics, SEO and inbound marketing, influencer and affiliate marketing, and email marketing. Candidates who complete the digital marketing assessment test can implement marketing campaigns across several digital platforms. They will also possess essential soft skills for smooth collaboration and communication with the organizational stakeholders.  

Digital Marketing Test Competency Framework

Get a detailed look inside the test

Digital Marketing Competencies Under Scanner

Digital Marketing Aptitude Test


Advertising and Analytics

The test helps assess a candidate’s ability to plan and execute online advertisement campaigns and use analytical tools such as Google AdWords to gain insights into the campaign's performance.

Email Marketing

Use this digital marketing test to assess a candidate’s ability to create targeted and personalized commercial emails for reaching out to existing and potential customers.

Influencers and Affiliate Marketing

The test evaluates an individual’s ability to create marketing strategies with the help of individuals and influencers to promote the company’s brand.

SEO and Inbound Marketing

Use this digital marketing assessment to assess a candidate’s ability to incorporate SEO strategies to drive inbound marketing plans for converting the traffic to lead by sharing relevant content and improving the website’s ranking.

Social Media Marketing

The test helps to assess an applicant’s ability to set up social media profile and pages for an organization.

Customize This Digital Marketing Skills Test

Flexible customization options to suit your needs

Set difficulty level of test

Choose easy, medium or hard questions from our skill libraries to assess candidates of different experience levels.

Combine multiple skills into one test

Add multiple skills in a single test to create an effective assessment. Assess multiple skills together.

Add your own questions to the test

Add, edit or bulk upload your own coding questions, MCQ, whiteboarding questions & more.

Request a tailor-made test

Get a tailored assessment created with the help of our subject matter experts to ensure effective screening.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The digital marketing assessment lets you evaluate a candidate’s understanding of marketing fundamentals and their ability to plan keywords for developing better SEO, knowledge of Google AdWords skills, and online traffic management. A digital marketer’s ability to effectively work towards developing business, branding, advertising, generating, and converting leads is measured through our series of questions, thus providing an overall review of their knowledge and expertise.

A digital marketing strategy comprises well-laid plans that help you achieve business goals via handpicked digital marketing channels such as earned, paid, and owned media.

Listed below are some noteworthy trends that are here to stay:  

  • AI   
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality  
  • Voice Search  
  • User-generated Content  
  • Influencer marketing  
  • In-App Ads  

A digital marketing skills assessment test is an industry-proven tool to evaluate a candidate's proficiency in the digital marketing domain.

Interviewing for a digital marketing opening can send shivers down the spine of many candidates, mainly if they are new to the industry. It is without a doubt that even the most seasoned professionals can feel a bit uneasy when interviewing for a new job. However, intense preparation is the only way to overcome this feeling and ace the job interview. Here are some handy tips that can come in useful during the preparation:

  • Prepare well beforehand by reading adequate material and practicing questions pertaining to that.  
  • Never shy away from providing suggestions/feedback for improvement to your potential employer.  
  • Your web presence speaks volumes about your branding and helps persuade employers to think that you know the nuances of marketing the business online.  
  • Keep your past experiences and accomplishments straightforward and to the point and use specific case studies to support your statements.  
  • Knowledge of analytics is crucial.  
  • Attend as many mock interviews as possible.  
  • Show that you possess exemplary research skills in the field of digital marketing.  

Listed below are some in-demand skills for digital marketers:  

  • Analytics  
  • Content Marketing  
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)  
  • Video Marketing  
  • Understanding of design thinking and planning  
  • Programmatic advertising  

The Mercer | Mettl digital marketing assessment is tailored for recruitment. However, we can do benchmarking for custom sample sets as well. Please write to us about your request; we will gladly assist you.  

We have previously customized digital marketing test reports based on the client’s requirements. So please write to us with your request, and we will be glad to provide you with a solution.

It is not mandatory, but it certainly helps if a digital marketer knows the basics of coding. Alternatively, developers within an organization can perform such tasks for digital marketing managers.

Listed below are the parameters that govern the success of digital marketing:  

  •  Total site traffic  
  •  New vs. returning visitors  
  •  Traffic sources  
  •  Average time spent per visit  
  •  Mobile traffic  

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