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Aptitude test for Designers to assess candidates' design-centric abilities

A design aptitude test evaluates candidates' design and creative abilities. This pre-employment assessment assists employers and recruiters in identifying potential talent by assessing abstract reasoning, creative thinking, verbal aptitude, and attention to detail. 

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Inside this Design Aptitude Assessment

The design aptitude test is a pre-hire assessment designed to reveal the aptitude and interest of individuals aspiring to excel in creative fields like graphic design, communication design, and advertising. This assessment gauges designers' proficiency in visual perception, design capability, abstract reasoning, creative intelligence, verbal aptitude, and attention to detail. Assessing creative talent in a standardized manner can be challenging, given the diverse specializations within the design profession. Hence, the online design aptitude test provides a wealth of data-driven and meaningful insights to provide employers with a comprehensive understanding of candidates' skill sets. 


In hiring creative talent, recruiting managers face unique challenges as they strive to pick the ideal candidate for a position. The quest for the right talent is arduous, particularly in today's fiercely competitive landscape, where organizations are constantly seeking creme de la creme. The growing skills gap further highlights the importance of uncovering untapped talent. Hiring within the design field is a time-consuming process that demands substantial human resources. This includes screening out extensive volumes of resumes and portfolios, communicating with candidates, and conducting interviews. The repercussions of ill-informed hiring decisions preoccupy the thoughts of employers. 

As emphasized above, companies must seek ways to handle the complexities associated with soaring hiring costs. This is where the role of pre-assessment tests comes to the fore. In this context, the Online Design Aptitude Test proves to be an incredibly efficient tool for identifying highly skilled design professionals. Aptitude testing has long been a reliable method for assessing a candidate's fit within an organization, and the aptitude test for designers is no exception when ascertaining candidates' suitability for creative roles like graphic designers and developers. 

While traditional evaluation methods like portfolio review offer a glimpse into a candidate's competence, they do not delve into subtleties, such as the candidate's underlying thought processes. Some might argue that incorporating such assessments could lengthen the hiring process. Still, the benefits of these tests outweigh the drawbacks, provided you collaborate with a reputable and trustworthy assessment provider. Hence, organizations can leverage expertly developed design aptitude tests to gain insights into candidates' creative aptitude, problem-solving abilities, adaptability to tight deadlines, and communication skills. 

Design Aptitude Test Competency Framework

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Design Aptitude Competencies Under Scanner

Design Aptitude Test


Abstract Reasoning

This assessment helps evaluate the abstract reasoning abilities of candidates by presenting them with abstract reasoning challenges.

Attention to Detail

This design aptitude test helps to gauge candidates' attention to detail by including image-based questions.

Creative Thinking

This section helps evaluate candidates' creative thinking skills through questions from Rebus Riddles and Remote Associates.

Verbal Reasoning

The assessment of candidates' verbal aptitude entails covering the following subskills: Reading comprehension, sentence construction, fill-in-the-blanks, error detection, sentence completion, and sentence rectification.

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Yes, we can cater to such requests on an individualized basis. Kindly contact us with your specific requirements; we will be more than happy to collaborate with you to find a suitable solution. 


Mercer | Mettl's Aptitude Test for Designers offers employers an objective and standardized method to gauge candidates' creative potential, considering their skills, knowledge, experience, and abilities. This aptitude test is designed to aid organizations in identifying and hiring skilled graphic design professionals. 

In a swiftly growing field like graphic design, where technology constantly advances and outdated skills become obsolete, the online visual design aptitude test evaluates the essential skills individuals need to excel as graphic designers. 

A Design Aptitude Test is a pre-hire test that measures candidates' design and creative prowess, enabling employers and recruiters to determine the candidate's suitability for a particular design-centric role. The test helps recruiters ensure that the prospective hires have the aptitude and skills essential for graphic designing roles, ascertaining their job fit.