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Learning Agility Test for Building High Performing Teams

A learning agility test is a scientifically validated tool to assess the capabilities of high learning-agile individuals. Use this learning agility assessment to gauge candidates’ inquisitiveness, open-mindedness, drive for proficiency, planning and organization skills and fluid intelligence.

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Inside This Learning Agility Test

When presented with a learning opportunity, not all individuals learn the same lessons, nor can they apply that learning where it would be beneficial. Learning agility is one significant difference that can help explain variances among individuals. Learning agility refers to a person’s ability and orientation to learn new things. Candidates with learning agility skills can quickly master new skills and acquire knowledge. In addition, high learning agility enables an employee to smoothly transition between distinct roles based on the role’s /company’s requirement.  

A learning agility assessment is a tool to identify and nurture high-potential talent. The test can help organizations identify agile learners who are imperatively needed for long-term success. These high-potential candidates, once identified, are apt to be nurtured to create a pipeline of future-ready leaders. The learning agility test also considers the candidate's learning ability and orientation to identify learning agile individuals.  

Learning agility assessments created by experienced subject matter experts help to assess the traits given below that are highly sought-after by employers:  

  • Excellence in these areas: mental agility, change agility and people agility  
  • Self-awareness and judiciousness  
  • Possess fluid intelligence  
  • Ability to handle challenging situations through learning agility skills


Learning agility is a must-have skill for employees aspiring to learn, excel and thrive in their roles within their organizations. Companies with learning agile employees are more likely to experience better workforce productivity and an increase in overall business profitability.  

Successful businesses adapt and survive in a rapidly changing business world, so it becomes crucial that they have employees with the zeal and ability to perform in such an ever-changing environment. If they are unwilling to change, organizations are likely to spend excessive sums and extensive efforts on finding and replacing employees who are not aligned in the same direction.   

 Focusing on learning agility leads to a two-pronged benefit: driving organizations towards profitability and encouraging employees to develop a mindset that persuades them to introspect, seek new challenges, work on shortcomings, and course correct and grow. Learning agile employees cultivate those competencies necessary for long-term success in their respective domains. Moreover, learning agile employees can increase their competitive drive, which pushes them to gain new opportunities in and outside their workplace.

Best approaches for assessing learning agility: 

  • Leveraging the power of learning agility assessments  

When hiring employees for roles where learning agility is a worth-considering metric for predicting success (such as leadership positions, management employees, etc.), organizations should incorporate methodologies in their hiring process to assess whether the candidates have an agile learning mindset. That is where the role of learning agility assessments comes into play.

A scientifically validated learning agility test is a proven tool that employers can use to identify candidates with high learning agility. The Mercer| Mettl platform provides an expert-curated and rigorously tested assessment for assessing learning agility and provides a holistic candidate profile to enable recruiters to make informed decisions when handpicking candidates for positions where learning agility is critical. Although learning agility tests are individually used, it would be best to use them in unison with other psychometric tools, such as personality questionnaires or cognitive ability tests, for an in-depth assessment.

  • Combining learning agility with cognitive ability

Cognitive or learning ability is a substantial component with reference to learning agility. A brilliant person does not need to be an agile learner, but a person should have specific cognitive skill levels to be learning agile. That is why cognitive tests and learning agility assessment tests can be used in unison when evaluating candidates.

The final words

Learning agility is a critical competency that has acquired a pole position in every recruiting process. So, how does one ensure the onboarding of learning agile employees? The answer is giving prospective hires a comprehensive learning agility assessment test. It is incontestable that learning agility is not easily discernible or quantifiable in a formal interview. So, the best bet is administering learning agility tests that are customizable as per specific positions since different roles mandate distinct levels of learning agility. Proven by science and backed by data, these assessments are a surefire way of identifying talent with agile learning.


This Learning Agility Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

Learning Agility Test Competency Framework

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Learning Agility Assessment Competencies Under Scanner

Learning Agility Test



Demonstrating a tendency to possess intense intellectual curiosity, an eager wish, or an ardent desire to know or learn something new.

Open Mindedness

Demonstrating a tendency to be open to innovative ideas and experiences and seek feedback to improve learning.

Drive for Mastery

Demonstrating an ardent desire to gain comprehensive and in-depth knowledge in a particular subject or activity.

Planning and Organization

Demonstrating a tendency to have a systematic approach towards the learning process and goals.

Focus and Perseverance

Demonstrating a tendency to be focused, persistent, and undeterred by failure and obstacles during the learning process.

Fluid Intelligence

Demonstrating an ability to discern patterns or associations in the data and the ability to make new linkages between different concepts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The learning agility test is a tool to identify learning agile individuals who are crucial for organizational success. It helps measure critical competencies for leadership, teamwork, and business excellence.

Learning agility tests are scientifically validated tools for measuring the learning agility capabilities of candidates.

Learning agility is the ability to acquire new information quickly within a particular event and to be adaptable to try out innovative ideas/methods to enhance the potential learning impact of a given event. This skill is critical for staying competitive and dealing with uncertainty in the current VUCA (Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) business environment.

It is essential to ask targeted questions and not to include frivolous questions during an interview. However, the following are some points that one needs to consider when assessing learning agility:  

  • How the candidate usually accepts or gives feedback concerning their performance. Recruiters should search for people open to effectively receiving, sharing, and implementing feedback.  
  • How do they imbibe knowledge from their leaders, networks, acquaintances, etc.? It is also worth considering how readily they learn from those below them.  
  • How well do candidates solve any given hypothetical problem? What is the approach and process that goes behind that solution? 

Employers can consider hiring those professionals with the required experience and skills and the tendency to become more learning agile. Learning agility is a learnable skill, though the degree of improvement will vary from individual to individual; some may be quick learners, and others may find it challenging to match the speed of their counterparts.

In today's increasingly competitive landscape, businesses need to have learning agile employees who can continually adapt to unique situations and circumstances to succeed. People with high learning agility tend to strengthen connections throughout the company, deliver innovation and growth-centric results, and adjust to changing work situations. Conversely, leaders who are not learning agile will find it challenging to manage change and may not recognize the need for change. This apathetic leadership behavior can leave an organization in shambles.

A learning agility assessment inventory is an instrument to assess the main aspects of learning-agile behavior.

Learning ability is required in the workplace and linked to the candidate's performance, trainability, and cognitive potential. Therefore, a learning ability test is an aptitude test to assess the learning ability of candidates.

The Mercer | Mettl learning agility assessment is tailored for recruitment. We can do benchmarking for custom sample sets as well. Please write to us about your request; we will gladly assist you.

We have previously customized learning agility assessment reports based on the client’s requirements. So please write to us with your request, and we will be glad to provide you with a solution.

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