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SQL DBA Test to assess SQL Server database management and optimization skills

The SQL DBA Online Test gauges an applicant's grasp of fundamental SQL Server concepts and specialized DBA expertise. In addition to assessing functional knowledge, this evaluation evaluates practical coding proficiency within MS SQL. 

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Inside this SQL DBA Assessment

The SQL DBA Test helps recruiting managers evaluate and select SQL Server database administrators (DBAs). This test thoroughly gauges candidates' proficiency in managing and optimizing SQL Server databases. With a combination of coding problems and multiple-choice questions, the test covers various skills sections, each targeting specific aspects of SQL Server database administration skills.

The SQL Online Test covers coding challenges based on database query questions in MS SQL, evaluating respondents' ability to retrieve and manipulate data. The assessment also measures fundamental knowledge in general concepts and basics of SQL Server. By assessing candidates across areas such as backup and recovery, performance monitoring and tuning, database tuning and optimization, etc., the test enables employers to determine test-takers' hands-on proficiency and subject matter expertise.

The 60-minute test, designed by subject matter experts, evaluates an applicant's knowledge and applied skills, helping organizations identify top-tier SQL Server DBA candidates with the skills needed to excel in their envisioned roles. 

Key profiles this test is helpful for: 

  • SQL database administrator 
  • Database administrator (SQL DBA) 
  • SQL Server DBA 


SQL database administrators (DBAs) use specialized software to organize and structure data effectively. Within their responsibilities lie critical tasks, including database conceptualization, capacity planning, performance tracking, meticulous issue resolution, skillful configuration and implementation, disaster recovery, and security management. Experienced SQL DBAs are sought after by organizations worldwide due to their ability to oversee these crucial responsibilities.

Enterprises rely excessively on relational databases for efficient data management, making SQL Server an essential platform. As databases grow increasingly complex and awareness about the significance of data integrity and security continues to rise, the role of SQL database administrators (DBAs) gains even more prominence among tech companies. Employers are increasingly eyeing competent SQL DBA experts as crucial assets and searching for the right tools that will help them hire the best talent.

The process of hiring skilled candidates is complex. SQL DBA roles demand an in-depth knowledge of database architecture, performance tuning, SQL querying, and system management. Identifying individuals with a comprehensive skill set that entails both practical experience and technical proficiency can be challenging. Moreover, the dynamically evolving field of database technologies and the need to transition to new iterations of SQL Server further augments the difficulty of finding the right fit talent for the role.

To address these issues, the SQL DBA Test can be a helpful resource for pre-screening and hiring top tech talent. With questions focused on thorough skills evaluation, the assessment gauges SQL DBA proficiency. Administering this test can help recruiters objectively assess candidates' proficiency in various SQL DBA skills. This evaluation will ensure that the qualified candidates are adequately prepared to undertake the multifaceted responsibilities within the SQL DBA roles. Undeniably, the SQL Online Test is a screening tool that bridges the gap between the need for skilled candidates and the complexities of talent assessment, leading to impartial, efficient, and informed hiring decisions. 


This SQL DBA Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

SQL DBA Test Competency Framework

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SQL DBA Online Test Competencies Under Scanner



Database query

This section of Mercer | Mettl’s Online SQL DBA Test includes two coding problems related to SQL database queries.

SQL Server basics

The questions in this section of the SQL DBA Test focus on assessing candidates' knowledge of SQL Servers' general concepts and basics.

SQL Server DBA

This section of the SQL DBA Test assesses a range of subskills and competencies of candidates in SQL server database administration. The topics covered in this section include database tuning and optimization, performance monitoring and tuning, database migration and updating, mirroring and replication, partitioning and compression, query optimization, error and exception handling, backup and recovery, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The SQL DBA Test by Mercer | Mettl is a pre-employment assessment that helps recruiters determine how skilled candidates are in various SQL server database administration aspects. The test assesses candidates on various subskills, including query tuning, disaster recovery planning, performance optimization, and security management.

Yes. There is an option to activate proctoring within the SQL DBA Test configuration. This feature helps ensure that the assessment takes place under thorough supervision, mitigating cheating concerns and safeguarding the integrity of online tests.

Yes. The test can be customized using different questions to better suit the requirements of specific roles, and it can easily encompass the proficiencies one wishes to assess.

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