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                                                                Online coding tests for hiring IT professionals

                                                                Simplify your technical hiring and training with automated online coding tests. Mettl’s IT test library comprises of a variety of coding tests that include C developer test, Java developer test, c++ developer assessment, software testing, python development, and more. 
                                                                Mettl’s Online Assessments give you the flexibility to choose from a set of standardized tests or custom build your own test from our library of Programming Assessments. Assess candidates on various skills like Java Spring, ReactJS, C# and much more within real coding environments. We have a diversity of question types which includes MCQs, case study simulators, coding simulators, etc.
                                                                With data-driven evaluation methodology, intuitive user interface and customized reports, recruit the best developers via our online IT tests. Rate programmers on skills rather than experience.

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