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General Aptitude Test to assess candidates' intelligence and job fit

A General Aptitude Test is a pre-employment aptitude test to assess an applicant's cognitive abilities, including reasoning, numerical, data analysis and verbal skills. Talent acquisition professionals use general aptitude tests as part of the recruitment process to gauge job candidates' suitability for a particular role and to uncover their job-related strengths and weaknesses.

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Inside This General Aptitude Test

The General Aptitude Test is an assessment designed to understand a person's ability to apply logic to solve complex problems. It helps determine an individual's propensity for learning in general, which can be either innate or acquired and implementing that learning to perform specific tasks.

General Aptitude Tests can provide actionable insights into an individual's critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and learning agility. These competencies are essential and are often used in industries that mandate a high level of cognitive ability, such as engineering, finance, and management.

Recruiters and hiring managers may use the aptitude test to screen many applicants effectively to ensure that only the most suitable candidate with the right general mental aptitude proceeds to the next level of the hiring process. 

The test includes 70 general aptitude questions to be completed in 60 minutes and is specific to the functions under consideration. Most importantly, the test can help employers make more objective and data-backed hiring decisions, reducing the likelihood of biases or prejudices in the selection process. 

Key profiles the test is used for:

  • Technical roles such as engineering, IT, and software development 
  • Finance and accounting roles 
  • Marketing roles 
  • Sales roles 
  • Education roles such as teachers and instructors 
  • Healthcare roles such as nursing and medical technicians 
  • Administrative and clerical roles 
  • Customer service roles 


General aptitude in candidates is something that employers take into consideration when ascertaining someone's suitability for employment. The reason is that it indicates a person's potential to thrive or excel in a particular role. Aptitude signifies an individual's natural talent or innate abilities, including problem-solving, numerical reasoning, critical thinking, and verbal communication.

Employers desire candidates with strong aptitude because it implies that they can learn new things quickly and are more adaptable to new situations and tasks. In addition, in today's swiftly evolving job market, the ability to navigate a dynamically changing work environment has become a remarkable characteristic that companies look for in their employees.

Besides, candidates with strong general aptitude are more likely to welcome challenging tasks and responsibilities, which can work wonders for an organization. They require less supervision and training and possess innate abilities that can increase their chances of success in a particular role and add value to the organization. Therefore, employers often use a general aptitude test during pre-employment screening because it helps uncover critical insights into an applicant's cognitive skills and propensity for success in a given role.

These tests include carefully handpicked general aptitude questions to measure various skills, such as numerical ability, attention to detail, abstract reasoning, critical thinking, etc., that are crucial for success in many jobs.

By administering a General Aptitude Test, employers can look beyond a candidate's qualifications and work experience and get a bird's eye view of a person's strengths and areas of improvement. This insight comes in handy when making hiring decisions to identify job-ready candidates. 

Moreover, the General Aptitude Assessment can help weed out unconscious bias by offering an objective evaluation methodology that focuses on performance, not perception. 


This General Aptitude Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

General Aptitude Test Competency Framework

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General Aptitude Assessment Competencies Under Scanner

General Aptitude Test


Attention to detail (ATD)

Questions in this section span the following topics: ATD - Image-based and ATD - String based.

Numerical ability

Questions in this section span the following topics: Profit and loss, averages, ratio and proportion, time, speed and distance, and mixture and alligation.

Data analysis

The data analysis section of the test includes questions on tables and graphs.

Abstract reasoning

The abstract reasoning section of the test features unique questions based on abstract reasoning - JC Raven.

Analytical ability and problem-solving

Questions in this section extend across the topics: Coding-Decoding, Directions, Blood Relation, and Linear Arrangements.

Critical thinking

The section comprises specific critical thinking questions based on drawing conclusions, evaluating arguments, and recognizing assumptions.

Verbal ability

This segment covers questions based on verbal ability topics, such as para jumbles, sentence correction, sentence completion, spot the error, fill in the blank, and reading comprehension.

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