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Leadership Skills Test - Transforming Leadership Hiring with Online Assessment

A leadership assessment is a comprehensive tool to evaluate individuals' leadership capabilities objectively. It helps in strategic talent placement, minimises bias in selection processes, fosters personal and professional growth among leaders, and assists in informed decision-making, particularly in hiring and succession planning, ensuring effective talent utilisation and organisational growth. 

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Inside this Leadership Assessment

The Leadership Assessment is an all-encompassing tool for evaluating candidates' cognitive and behavioural competencies, primarily focusing on identifying the pivotal skills and personality attributes essential for effective leadership. 

This evaluation covers a spectrum of competencies grouped into four distinct categories: 

Guiding Change: This section assesses originality, adeptness in managing innovation, keen external awareness, adaptability, resilience, strategic thinking, and a visionary perspective. 

Leading Teams: Competencies related to adeptly handling conflicts, fostering diversity inclusion, nurturing talent, and constructing cohesive teams are evaluated in this segment. 

Achieving Results: Highlighting attributes like responsibility, decisive judgment, and adeptness in creative problem-solving, this section underscores the ability to attain desired objectives. 

Forging Alliances: This section measures skills in fostering collaboration, influential negotiation, and establishing productive partnerships. 

In addition to these core competencies, the Leadership Skills Test also considers vital traits such as integrity, receptiveness to continuous learning, and strong interpersonal skills. Thus, this comprehensive assessment empowers employers to make well-informed decisions regarding candidates' potential and suitability for leadership roles within their organisation. 


Inspirational leaders play a pivotal role in unlocking the full potential of their organisations. They strategically implement impactful measures and offer precise guidance, leading to tangible and positive outcomes. Effective leadership often delineates the boundary between success and failure for a department or an entire organisation. It is a quality often misconstrued as extraversion and can be challenging to assess objectively. 

The Mercer|Mettl Leadership Skills Assessment evaluates candidates' abilities to delegate authority, design and execute individual development plans, provide constructive feedback and mentorship, and persuade others to embrace their ideas and methods. 

This evaluation aids organisations in identifying a leader's strengths and cultivating transformative leadership by aligning it with four critical functions for leadership effectiveness: Leading Change, Leading People, Driving Results, and Building Alliances. This Leadership Test assists in identifying the predominant leadership style to determine suitability for a specific role in an organisation. 

Rather than pigeonholing individuals into predefined leadership styles, this assessment adopts a comprehensive approach to evaluate leadership competencies. This pre-employment screening tool aids in recognising potential leaders who are genuinely interested in guiding and motivating others to achieve the organisation's objectives. These emerging leaders are skilled at aligning the organisation's needs with the aspirations and skills of their team members to deliver exceptional results consistently. They lead by example, fostering an environment where ideas are shared, challenges are addressed collaboratively, and individuals take ownership of their work. 

Leadership Assessment Competency Framework

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Leadership Assessment Competencies Under Scanner

Leading Change

Leading People

Achieving Results

Building Relationships

Fundamental Competencies



This leadership evaluation focuses on an individual's aptitude for exploring innovative and unconventional ideas and solutions in their professional environment.

Innovation Management

The assessment delves into a person's ability to devise and execute fresh programs and processes by nurturing innovation and introducing novel perspectives to various scenarios.

Awareness of External Factors

This evaluation gauges an individual's inclination to stay well-informed about company policies and emerging trends that may impact the organisation.

Adaptability to Change

The assessment examines one's capacity to adapt behaviours effectively in response to latest information, evolving circumstances, and diverse environments.

Resilience Under Pressure

This evaluation ascertains the ability to remain effective when facing pressure and to maintain self-control when confronted with adverse situations.

Strategic Thinking

The assessment assesses an individual's capability to generate precise and systematic business insights and opportunities.


This evaluation measures one's ability to formulate a compelling vision and guide a team towards its realisation.


Conflict Resolution

The assessment aids in evaluating an individual's capacity to employ diverse approaches to effectively manage and resolve concerns, disagreements, and conflicts within individuals or teams within the organisation.

Diversity Advocacy

This evaluation assesses the ability to foster and sustain an inclusive environment that creates opportunities for everyone, irrespective of factors such as race, gender, culture, and age.

People Development

This assessment gauges the potential to nurture and enhance the skills and abilities of individuals to achieve desired outcomes.

Effective Team Management

The evaluation measures the skill of efficiently leading a team and fostering a collaborative atmosphere among team members.



This assessment evaluates an individual's ability to take ownership of the consequences of their actions and decisions.

Swift Decision-Making

The evaluation focuses on the ability to make informed decisions promptly.

Effective Problem-Solving

This assessment measures the capacity to interpret, connect, and effectively analyse information to comprehend and address complex problems.


Partnership Building

The assessment evaluates the ability to establish and maintain relationships and networks of contacts, both within and outside one's organisation.

Influence and Negotiation Skills

This evaluation assesses the ability to influence others persuasively and effectively, encouraging them to follow the desired course of action.


Integrity and Ethical Values

The assessment evaluates an individual's capacity to uphold a suitable and effective set of core values and beliefs within the workplace.

Embracing Learning Opportunities

This evaluation assesses one's commitment to continuous learning and development by proactively seeking opportunities to acquire new capabilities, skills, and knowledge.

Interpersonal Aptitude

The assessment measures the ability to integrate personal insights and understanding of others into practical actions, emphasising the inclination to employ accurate interpersonal skills when interacting with others.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have meticulously crafted our assessment tool with robust safeguards to significantly reduce the likelihood of candidates presenting themselves in a socially desirable manner. Here are the strategic steps we have taken: 

Unique Item Format: Our deliberate choice of the 'semantic differential' format adds a layer of complexity, making it challenging for candidates to discern the desired responses or attempt to "fake" their answers to boost their scores artificially. This format necessitates thoughtful consideration, forcing individuals to make genuine choices between two equally "desirable" statements. 

Explicit Instructions: Before commencing the assessment, candidates receive comprehensive guidance on the format and purpose of the evaluation. They are explicitly instructed to respond based on their initial, unfiltered reactions, discouraging overanalysing their responses. Drawing from the established research regarding the efficacy of "instructional warnings," candidates are cautioned against engaging in fakery or impression management. They are made aware that any attempts to distort their responses dishonestly may result in their assessment reports being deemed invalid. 

Pattern Recognition: Our tool incorporates advanced algorithms to detect specific response patterns. The assessment report can flag instances where a candidate has attempted to respond in a manner that aligns more with social desirability than their authentic preferences. 

These precautions are integral to ensuring the authenticity and reliability of our assessment. They enable us to understand individuals' genuine characteristics and behaviours better, helping organisations make informed decisions based on accurate insights. 

Yes, we can create a customised assessment tailored to your organisation's requirements. Our process involves identifying the precise behaviours that align with success within your unique organisational context. If you are interested in exploring this personalised solution, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, and we will be delighted to guide you in crafting an assessment that perfectly aligns with your needs. 

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