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Evaluate and hire front-end web developers with this Front-end Developer Test

The Front-end Developer Test aids in evaluating the technical abilities of job applicants, guaranteeing that they possess the desired level of proficiency in HTML, CSS, and other pertinent front-end technologies. This testing approach assists employers in identifying competent front-end developers who can enhance the team's productivity.

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Inside this Front-end Developer Assessment

The front-end coding test is a comprehensive evaluation designed to provide hiring managers and recruiters with an in-depth knowledge of the skills and competencies of front-end developers. This test covers CSS, HTML, and HTML5 concepts, as well as various applications and properties of CSS3.  

The test includes coding assessments using a front-end simulator, allowing candidates to demonstrate their proficiency in HTML and CSS within a simulated environment. It enables recruiting managers to assess candidates' ability to apply HTML elements and attributes, create responsive web designs, and understand CSS properties like margins, text formatting, borders, transformations, backgrounds and shadows. The CSS part of the Front-End Web Developer Test assesses candidates' knowledge and application of CSS properties related to text, borders, backgrounds, margins, transformations, and shadows. The HTML portion of the assessment assesses candidates' understanding, knowledge and application of HTML5 multimedia, semantics, and attributes.  

This test is designed to thoroughly evaluate candidates and assess their technical expertise in front-end development. It helps employers identify candidates who can make visually appealing, responsive, and interactive web pages while demonstrating a deep understanding of HTML standards and modern CSS.  

The roles include: 

  • HTML and CSS developer   
  • Web developer   
  • Front-end developer 


A front-end developer creates and manages the design and functionality of web applications. They combine their UX, UI, programming, and visual design skills to build every element users interact with on a website. It includes sliders, drop-down menus, buttons, and optimizing content for faster page loading. Front-end developers bridge the gap between user interface and back-end code. These professionals also play a crucial role in testing and ensuring the functionality of the front end. They gather data from automated and manual testing to improve client-side functionality and ensure seamless integration with back-end systems.

In today's competitive landscape, employers face challenges in finding the most suitable front-end developers from a large pool of candidates with similar qualifications. Implicit biases, poorly formatted resumes, or education gaps can lead to overlooking talented individuals or selecting candidates with embellished resumes but lacking technical skills. To address these challenges, the Front-end Developer Test serves as an objective and unbiased assessment tool for evaluating and hiring top tech talent. This assessment allows employers to gauge candidates' technical skills, competency levels, proficiency in programming languages and frameworks, and ability to write well-structured and efficient code. It also assesses problem-solving abilities, critical thinking skills, time management, and meeting project deadlines. Organizations can use the Front-end Developer Test to identify candidates with the necessary domain knowledge, skills, code quality, time management abilities, and job fit. Hiring professionals who excel in these areas will increase productivity and success. 

Front-end Developer Assessment Competency Framework

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Front-end Developer Assessment Competencies Under Scanner

Front-end Developer Assessment Competencies


Front-end simulator

The Front-end Developer Test incorporates a practical coding question that allows candidates to demonstrate their HTML and CSS web development skills using a front-end simulator.


This technical assessment evaluates the candidate's proficiency in various subskills, including HTML elements, HTML attributes, HTML5 elements, HTML5 semantics, HTML5 multimedia, and HTML5 attributes.


The Front-end Web Developer Test assesses the candidate's competence in several subskills, including CSS text application, CSS margins, CSS transformation application, CSS3 backgrounds application, CSS3 borders, CSS3 text application, CSS3 shadows application, and CSS3 transformations application.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Front-end developers should possess proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. Expertise in graphic design applications, like Adobe Illustrator, is beneficial. Understanding SEO principles is also valuable. Strong problem-solving skills, interpersonal abilities for effective collaboration, and familiarity with server-side CSS are essential. Specifically, this Front-end Developer Coding Test thoroughly assesses HTML and CSS web development skills using a front-end simulator (FES). 

Businesses need functional websites, so front-end developers are highly sought after in the tech industry. Their coding abilities, design sense, UX expertise, and collaboration with tech and design teams are highly valued by companies. When evaluating candidates for front-end developer roles, considering the following steps is crucial:  

  • Thoroughly examine their portfolio to assess their work from various perspectives.  
  • Review their GitHub account to gain insights into their coding projects.  
  • Conduct live testing sessions to evaluate their skills in real time.  
  • Check their Stack Overflow history to track their coding journey and community involvement.  
  • For initial candidate screening, utilize automated testing solutions, such as Mercer | Mettl.  
  • Assign them a hypothetical project to assess their problem-solving abilities. 

Testing is crucial to ensure that projects are bug-free and run smoothly. Therefore, front-end developers should possess skills in testing and debugging codes. 

Yes, front-end developers write code. They work at the intersection of design, technology, and programming to create websites' visual appearance and perform debugging tests. 

Employers typically seek front-end developers with skills in web development, Typescript, JavaScript, CSS3, AngularJS, and jQuery

This assessment consists of carefully crafted questions that evaluate essential subsets of the skills required for front-end developers. It assesses candidates' ability to create the basic framework of websites and their understanding of formatting, presentation, layout, and styling. Additionally, the assessment evaluates candidates' applied programming skills, adaptability, and receptiveness to feedback. 

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