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Online Sales Aptitude Test For Hiring - Recruit Only The Best Fit for Sales Jobs

Sales teams – from solution selling to hard core product sales – are expected to be extremely meticulous, data driven, motivated and disciplined. Pitching products/services effectively to potential clients in order to win their business and being articulate enough for them to understand the value brought in, the sales professional needs to be extremely verbose.

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Mercer | Mettl Aptitude test for Sales Professional checks for high verbal aptitude as well are high logical reasoning. The process of evaluating your candidates on these competencies can be automated through online assessments hosted on Mercer | Mettl to ensure that very high quality candidates reach the final interview rounds – reducing your time to hire and your cost of hire. Mercer | Mettl’s well crafted and expert backed content will help you pick the best of the class candidates from the lot and will streamline your recruitment process by making it time and budget efficient. The test measures communication skills and problem solving along with a section that checks numerical aptitude as well.

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