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Chemical engineering exam to assess must-have skills for chemical engineers

Chemical engineering exam is a test designed to evaluate the domain specific skills and knowledge of candidates to ascertain whether they can perform crucial duties required in a role. Chemical engineering online test helps recruiters assess must-have job skills for chemical engineers.

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Inside This Chemical Engineering Assessment

Chemical engineering roles across industries require a candidate to work on the design, development, construction, and operation of industrial processes to produce a diverse range of products and chemicals. Such a role requires a candidate to have a strong conceptual background and expertise to effectively apply learnings in real-time work scenarios and novel situations. A potential hire is expected to understand the intricacies of the chemical engineering domain and should possess crucial technical skills needed for the job. Similarly, knowing how to recruit the most competent professionals is vital to organizational success. That is why, organizations looking for skilled chemical engineers need scientifically–validated pre-hire assessments that differentiate good candidates from average applicants. 

That is where Mercer|Mettl’s chemical engineering test comes in handy. It is a comprehensive domain-specific test designed to assess a candidate's skills as per industry standards.  It measures technical knowledge (basic concepts in chemical engineering) an engineer would be expected to possess such as metallurgy, engineering designs, chemical reactions, etc.

Designed by subject matter experts, Mercer| Mettl's chemical engineering test contains 30 questions to be completed in 30 minutes. The skills of the candidate are evaluated on three levels - easy, medium and difficult. This chemical engineering exam gauges the depth and breadth of candidates' knowledge through a set of specific role-based application questions on the following aspects: 

Chemical Technology:

  • Understanding of the processes involved in the manufacturing of various inorganic and organic chemicals
  • Understanding and preparing the process flow diagrams
  • Analyzing essential process parameters and engineering problems during production 
  • Understanding the individual components required for the process flow diagram 
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering:
  • Developing rate equation laws for homogeneous/homogeneous reactions 
  • Designing ideal and nonideal reactors for homogeneous and heterogeneous single and multiple reactions
  • Selecting the appropriate type reactor/scheme based on the requirement

Heat Transfer:

  • Solving conduction, convection, and radiation problems
  • Estimating energy requirements and carrying out related calculations
  • Designing and analyzing the performance of heat exchangers, including evaporators and condensers

Mass Transfer:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of mass transfer, diffusion and mass transfer coefficient
  • Expertise in Mass transfer operations: diffusion, distillation, absorption, humidification, etc.
  • Performing equipment design calculations related to distillation, absorption and humidification, drying, and crystallization

Fluid Mechanics and Mechanical Operation:

  • Analyzing and solving problems of fluid-based engineering systems
  • Understanding and analyzing fluid machinery such as pumps and turbines
  • Estimating pressure drop, energy and power losses, and fluid power requirement for different processes
  • Understanding the mechanical operations, fundamental laws and equipment

Process Dynamics and Control:

  • Constructing a model of the chemical processes, computing the response of the developed transfer function, and evaluating the stability of the control system
  • Selecting an appropriate controller as per system requirements
  • Understanding the P, PI, and PID controller response and interpretation

Key profiles the test is useful for:

  • Graduates/Undergraduate Chemical Engineering trainees
  • Junior Chemical Engineers
  • Chemical Engineers

Mercer| Mettl’s chemical engineering exam is used for hiring candidates having 0-1 year of work experience across industries associated with chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc. Moreover, hiring managers can use this test to screen candidates from tier II and tier III engineering colleges also during campus hiring.

Chemical Engineering Competency Framework

Get a detailed look inside the test

Chemical Engineering Assessment Competencies Under Scanner

Chemical Engineering


Chemical Technology

Demonstrating an ability to understand the available technologies of various organic and inorganic process industries, current trends, their drawback, and influencing parameters for economic production including the brief understanding of the significance of individual parts in the process flow sheet

Mass Transfer

Demonstrating an ability to understand mass transfer operations, fundamentals, separation equipment (Distillation columns, Humidifiers, Dryers, Absorber towers, Crystallizers, Evaporators, Separators, etc.), and provide value-added insights for effective results.

Process Dynamics and Control

Demonstrating an ability to understand and perform Laplace transform analysis, dynamic behavior of systems - transfer functions (first and second-order systems) such as the measurement and control of liquid level, temperature , pressure, flow and concentration, comprehend control processes, block diagrams, regulator and servo problems, P, PI and PID controllers, Ziegler - Nichols Optimum controller settings, Nyquist stability criteria, Nyquist plot, etc.

Chemical Reaction Engineering

Demonstrating an ability to understand and analyze the chemical kinetics of single/multiple reactions, homogeneous and heterogeneous reaction kinetics and the effect of temperature on the reaction systems including the reactor selection, design, catalytic process and performance analysis.

Heat Transfer

Demonstrating an ability to understand heat transfer operations, fundamentals, their applications in various heat transfer operations, equipment design of heat transfer equipments (heat exchangers, heaters, condensers, various fins etc.), and provide value-added insights for effective results.

Fluid Mechanics and Mechanical Operation

Demonstrating an ability to understand, analyze, and provide the solutions of flow-related engineering problems and illustrate their applications in the pipe network, fluid machinery, various flow measuring devices such as venturimeter, orifice meter etc., comprehend functioning of a variety of pumps (e.g., reciprocating and centrifugal), NPSH concept, cavitation etc, and analyze the mixing behaviour of solids, fluidization, encapsulation, size reduction, and other mechanical operations including the MO equipment, etc.

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