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Technical Competencies At Work

A Ready to Use Handbook for Implementing Technical Competency Frameworks in Organizations Along with Interview Questions



Technical hiring remains at the core of every business venture since technical expertise is what holds the basic organizational framework together. Which is why recruiters and hiring managers are always looking for niche talent who would adhere to the company’s work culture and align with the vision to give quality output.

The three vital aspects that lay a strong foundation of a stellar hiring spree are- Competency Frameworks, Technical Screening Questions, and Telephonic Interview Questions. To strike a balance between the three and based on our experience of working with 2,000+ clients, we have compiled a ready to use technical competency framework handbook covering eight popular job families. This would in turn benefit organizations in making the right technical hires.


Mettl Competency Library

Competencies refer to job-relevant behavior, motivation and technical knowledge required to be successful on-the-job. Aligning HR processes to competencies helps evaluate performance, set clear job expectations and growth plans.

Mettl has created competency libraries across, Behavioral, Cognitive, Domain and Technology based competencies.

90% of Fortune 500 companies use Java as a server-side language for back-end development. It is in demand in the finance sector specially in E-commerce websites. Future scope of Java programmers in India is great since Java emerges as the most widely used programming language worldwide. With government’s Digital India initiative and demonetization reform, demand for java programmers has shot , since organizations are increasingly planning to go digital.

Technical Competency Framework & Career Growth in JAVA



Develop user interface, design in compliance with specifications, analyze business requirement and integrate applications by designing database architecture.


Technical Expertise

  • Abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism

  • Abstract classes interfaces and constructors

  • Thread lifecycle, parallelism, synchronization

  • Thread class and object class methods

  • Stacks, queues, exceptions and errors

  • Collection types, Coding conventions

  • JSP lifecycle and scripting methods

  • Know at least one RDBMS- Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle



Technical Screening Questions

  • Write the query for create, update, delete and insert data.

  • Swap two numbers without using a third variable.

  • What are Checked and UnChecked Exception?

  • How can one customize the serialization process?