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Assessment Tests Help with Career Progression

Have you ever looked at a job description and thought ‘I can do that’ and then when you got into the position realised that it was all wrong for you?  Most workers have experienced this at least once in their career whether it was an industry change or a new position...

Candidate Assessment for Employment Hire

As a hiring manager, it can be difficult to wade through the stack of applications submitted for any one position and find the perfect candidate to fill the position. After all, individuals can put anything on paper and make it sound good or hire a professional...

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Building Online Communities: Harley Davidson Style 2.0

In 1983, Harley Davidson flirted with extinction. Hard to believe? We know. In fact, the gravity of that statement is only truly understood twenty-five years from the ‘80s – a point in present time, where the company reigns as a top-50 global brand valued at $7.8 billion. What turned it around, adding to the subsequent success, was Harley’s commitment to building a strong brand community.

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