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The Curious Case of HR Tech in Talent Acquisition

HR TECHNOLOGY The Curious Case of HR Tech in Talent Acquisition Debarshi Nayak 3 August 2017 Recruitment is one of the most important operations performed by any successful organization. Fresh, budding talent is attracted to unique, wacky recruitment processes and is...

The Quintessential Science of Sales

The Quintessential Science of Sales 20 June, 2017 Sales Leadership Startup So, when you think of the arcane sales executive, what comes into your mind? A smooth talker with words made out of silk and closures made out of steel. Come 2017, my views have changed, and so...

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Hackathon – The New Recipe For Recruitment

Hackathons have traditionally been used by companies for marketing efforts so that they can stand out amongst their competitors. Although, even today hackathons occupy an indispensable position amongst marketing tools for tech companies, their role has evolved in...

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