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Harness the power of employee engagement – Mettl

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to their workplace and its goals. It’s more than simple happiness, and it impacts employee performance more than anything else. An engaged employee will be high-performing, innovative, efficient and...

Hiring A Great Coder, Even If You’re Not One

 A top executive once pointed out, “if you really want to know if someone is funny, don’t just ask them, make them tell you a joke.” In a market as disruptive as it is today, the key to winning the innovation game is your people. A talented team will give your...

Can Learning Agility Improve Over Time

The answer to this question is a resounding YES! We are sure that bodes well for everyone and every company – read on to know how Learning Agility can be improved over time. It is clear that today the success of businesses depends on leaders who are learning agile....

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The Curious Case of HR Tech in Talent Acquisition

Recruitment is one of the most important operations performed by any successful organization. Fresh, budding talent is attracted to unique, wacky recruitment processes and is retained by the various efforts of the human resource department of the company – that’s...

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