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Empower Your People to Become Better Leaders Using Leadership Assessments

Identify Key Areas of Leadership Development Through Our Scientific Leadership Assessment Tools

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Our Futuristic Leadership Assessment Framework Measures Your Leaders on the Right Competencies

Mercer | Mettl's Leadership aptitude testing helps you create succession pipeline.


Lead by Example

  • Learning Orientation: Internalize a learning mindset and constantly seek opportunities to learn

  • Resilience: Remain focused in the face of adversity and uncertainty


Build High Performing Teams

  • Develop teams: Focus on team's growth by identifying their strengths and areas of development

  • Foster Diversity & Collaboration: Value the importance of diversity and inclusion


Accelerate Innovation

  • Foster Innovation: Approach issues differently, think out of box and strive for constant innovation

  • Navigate Ambiguity: Handle ambiguous or unpredictable situations comfortably


Lead by Business

  • Strategic Thinking: Think long term, take a broader perspective and build a shared vision

  • Critical Decision Making: Solve problems and make critical decisions after considering all available data

Our Leadership Assessment Tools Provide the Right Insights to Make Better Decisions

The Comprehensive Leadership Assessment Tests Measure New-age Traits Suitable to Current Business Requirements

Name of the Competency

Mettl Personality Map

Critical Thinking

Abstract Reasoning

Leadership Styles Survey

Learning Orientation
Developing Team
Fostering Diversity & Collaboration
Fostering Innovation
Navigate Ambiguity
Change Management