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Managing End-to-End Online Examination Process with Exam Management System


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Test Creation


Trained Fleet of Proctors

Center Management


Real-Time Reporting

Group Analytics

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One Solution for Your Multiple Needs

Use cases of online examination management system

Making Examinations a Seamless Experience

For Faculty

Save time on test paper evaluation. Receive instant feedback to plan curriculum. Manage question banks and create test effectively.

For Institutions

Increase your reach via digital registration. Simplify your process with our integrated payment solution. Avoid all the hassles of managing large centres.

For Students

Save time on travelling to test centers. Receive actionable feedback with relevant benchmarks. Access industry validated questions.

How We Helped IIMB To Go From Pen and Paper To Online

For our IIMBx program, Mettls online system has helped preserve academic integrity & has allowed us to conduct exams with the same quality as in classrooms. As the value chain of the education systems gets disrupted by new technologies, Mettl is at a sweet spot for testing. I believe they are going to play an important role in the future of the education space.

P D Jose

Chair Digital Learning, MOOCs Initiative & Strategy at IIM Bangalore

Conduct Online Exams in a Secure & Efficient Environment

Cloud-Based Storage of Exam Papers

Securely store all your data forever with our cloud-based solution.

Center Management

Completely remove the need for physical centres with our digital solution.

Effective Faculty Hours

Significantly reduce the faculty hours required with our automatic grading process.

Travel & Logistics

Entirely eliminate the need to travel with our remote online proctoring.

Conduct High Stake Online Examinations with Minimal Cost

Variety of Question Types

MCQs, Long Answers, Short Answers, Fill in the blank, Diagram Type.

Coding & Case Study Simulators

Provide hands-on experience to your students with coding and business simulators.

Customized Reporting

Analyze your students' performance against current & historical benchmarks.

Differential Grading

Provide different grading logics for different sections & questions.

Create High-Quality Exams Customized to Your Exact Needs

Conduct Online Tests in Highly Secured Environment

Mettl Secure Browser

Freezes the candidate's exam browser

Disables the use of any desktop, software or internet for cheating purposes

AI-Based Auto Proctoring

Auto alerts on undesired candidate's action in real time

Records the examination for audits

95% accuracy rate


Online Manual Proctoring

Monitor your candidates remotely in real time

Authenticate your candidates to avoid impersonation (Aadhaar, OTP)

Simulate a traditional classroom examination hall

Conduct Exams with Data Security

Student Personal Data

Access all the data, anytime, conveniently through your dashboard.

Question Banks

A detailed and easily accessible set of questions for exams creation.

Results & Benchmarks

Everything stored in a well-encrypted and one of the most trusted cloud services.

Improve Credibility of Your Exams with Mettl's AI Powered Safety features

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