Training Needs Assessment

Key first step in your Training programs is identifying the right training needs. Identify your employee's skill gaps with the help of advanced psychometrics and data analytics


3 Pillars of Training Needs Identification

Why to Train?

Identify & develop key competencies in employees to achieve business goals.

Who to train?

Identify the skills gap for each employee based on their competency levels.

Train for What?

Design a customised training plan based on individual skill gaps & training needs

Get started

Curate the Right Training Program for Your Organization

Skill Based

Identify & train for the unique skill sets needed to succeed for every job role & function.

Behavior Based

Identify behavioural gaps to be worked on. They are a dominant success predictor for most roles.

Future Proofing

Augment learning agility within the organisation by identifying upcoming skills to develop in the workforce.

How Mettl Helps

Design the Right Training Program with Mettl's Comprehensive TNI Suite


Understand the specific set of competencies that need to be developed across different job roles and verticals to achieve the desired goal of training.


Create custom assessments for each job role and level to assess employees' current proficiency for required competencies.


Analyze the results of assessments using individual consolidated reports and analytics to design an excellent training program for your employees.