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Entrepreneur Skill Test to identify high-potential entrepreneurs effectively

The Entrepreneur Test effectively identifies crucial entrepreneurial characteristics and skills necessary for embarking on an entrepreneurial journey. This assessment analyzes essential behavioral competencies and cognitive skills, ensuring excellence in entrepreneurship.

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Inside this Entrepreneur Skill Assessment

The Entrepreneur Skill Test is a pre-hire assessment that recruiters and hiring managers use to screen and shortlist the right talent objectively and efficiently. This psychometric test consists of questions that evaluate candidates' behavioral competencies and cognitive abilities necessary for success as an entrepreneur.

The behavioral competencies section includes sub-competencies such as achievement orientation, self-confidence, stress management, dealing with ambiguity, creative thinking, risk-taking, initiative-taking, networking skills, and influence. These key traits reflect the primary prerequisites needed for steering through the challenges of entrepreneurship, adjusting to ever-changing environments, and achieving success.

The cognitive ability section includes sub-competencies aimed at determining an individual's commercial acumen, critical reasoning and decision-making skills, and analytical ability and problem-solving capabilities. These competencies are essential for entrepreneurs, enabling them to perform data analysis, make informed business decisions, and solve complex business problems.

Integrating these competencies into the test has been immensely helpful in gaining insights into candidates' potential as entrepreneurs. It helps evaluators find individuals with the necessary behavioral attributes and cognitive prowess to succeed and excel in entrepreneurial roles. This ensures the right person is selected for positions requiring excellent entrepreneurial abilities and mindset.


There is a substantial demand for professionals with exceptional entrepreneurial skills in the present-day business realm. Entrepreneurs/startup founders are passionate about ideas that they turn into businesses. They bring a unique product/service to the market through which they impact the world. One needs to be confident about one's abilities and ideas to outperform the challenges in the market. However, to outshine as an entrepreneur in today’s market is incredibly challenging since everybody wants to create and build something of their own. Entrepreneurs are self-driven individuals with strong commercial acumen who know how to leverage the power of strategic partnering and collaboration to drive growth.

Entrepreneurs are supposed to be visionaries and risk-takers. They should be profound problem-solvers who can understand the pulse of the market. They should be able to use rational thinking to assess any situation and identify opportunities critically. However, there are several crucial questions that every aspiring entrepreneur may wrestle with before embarking on this endeavor. What essential attributes must individuals possess to make it as entrepreneurs? How would they address challenges during their entrepreneurial journey, and what strategies would they employ when launching their businesses? Which aspects of their personality align with entrepreneurship, and which parts may not be conducive to this role? How can aspiring entrepreneurs assess the strength of their existing characteristics and identify areas that may benefit from improvement?

The Entrepreneur Test is the tool to tackle these questions effectively. The test uncovers critical insights into their strengths and areas for improvement by evaluating their behavioral competencies and cognitive abilities related to entrepreneurship. This self-awareness enables candidates to understand and leverage their entrepreneurial strengths while shedding light on areas that may require further development. The test result provides candidates with a profound insight into their competencies in entrepreneurship, such as achievement orientation, creativity, propensity for embracing risk, critical reasoning skills, and more.

Empowered with this awareness, candidates can understand their inherent strengths and essential improvement areas that may require improvement to excel in their entrepreneurial journey. Moreover, the Entrepreneur Test can offer individualized feedback and recommendations to candidates, suggesting crucial areas of skill development, resources for skill development and growth, and guidance on refining their entrepreneurial mindset. This enables candidates to formulate targeted development plans, identify relevant training opportunities, and engage in continuous learning to enhance their entrepreneurial abilities. This will increase their chances of shaping a successful entrepreneurial career. 


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Entrepreneur Test Competency Framework

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Entrepreneur Skills


Behavioral competencies

The behavioral competencies section comprises the following sub-competencies: self-confidence, achievement orientation, stress management, creative thinking, dealing with ambiguity, risk-taking, initiative-taking, networking, and influence. These fundamental traits reflect the prerequisites for steering through the challenges of entrepreneurship, adjusting to changing environments, and achieving success.

Cognitive ability

The questions in this section extend across cognitive sub-competencies such as critical reasoning, commercial acumen, decision-making, analytical ability and problem-solving. These competencies are crucial for entrepreneurs to make informed business decisions, perform data analysis, and solve complex business problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Entrepreneurial skills are critical because they accelerate economic growth, encourage innovation, and enable individuals to seize opportunities. These skills allow individuals to adjust to evolving conditions, move with calculated foresight, and strategically utilize resources. These skills foster problem-solving, critical thinking, resilience and creativity while navigating challenges and contributing to growth. 

Mercer | Mettl's Entrepreneur Test is a tool to identify the crucial entrepreneurial characteristics and skills one needs before venturing into an entrepreneurial journey. The Entrepreneur Assessment evaluates essential behavioral competencies and cognitive abilities necessary for excelling in an entrepreneurial role. 

Yes, Mercer | Mettl provides options to optimize the test content and scoring for each case. Please reach out to Mercer | Mettl for more information. 

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