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Power BI Assessment Tests to Assess Data Experts

Power BI assessment test from Mercer Mettl helps recruiters to evaluate a candidate's knowledge and applied skills in Power BI software. This power BI assessment tests basics of power BI, SQL, ETL, and data modeling skills.  

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Inside This Assessment

Mercer | Mettl's Power BI assessment test has been designed by subject matter experts to capture the complete understanding of a candidate in analyzing and visualizing data. 

A set of 40 MCQs to be completed in 50 minutes give a deep insight into the skill proficiency of a candidate in the functioning of Power Bi, SQL, ETL, and data modeling. The Power BI assessment test evaluates these subskills on basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

The following roles can be primarily evaluated using this Power BI assessment:

  • Power BI developer
  • Power BI expert
  • Senior BI consultant developer


This Assessment is a part of following Skills Libraries

Power BI Competency Framework

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Power BI Developer Competencies Under Scanner

Power BI Developer


Power BI

This Power BI assessment test evaluates a candidates skills in Power BI dashboard, data connections, slicer, filters, measures, query, DAX, visualizations and reports.


This power bi assessment evaluates the following skills in SQL; queries, joins, merge, tables and clauses.


This power bi assessment evaluates the following general skills in ETL; ETL architecture, ETL extract, ETL transform, ETL load, and ETL process.

Data Modeling

This power bi assessment evaluates the following skills in Data Modeling; OLTP, schemas, data design, UML, and ER Model.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can set the difficulty level, combine multiple questions into one test, and add your own questions to the test. Should you need any further information, please write to us, and we will be happy to assist you.

No, it’s not a certification course on Power BI. It's an assessment test to help recruiters find people for various roles in data science and data analysis. 

No, you don’t need to learn coding to become a Power BI expert.

A. What is Node.js?
 Technologies that help in the collection of data and its analysis to find meaningful information that helps solve some business problems with the extracted insights from the data.
 B. What is a Power BI?
 It’s a tool for data visualization and business intelligence. It helps convert the data from various sources into interactive business insights that further help in decision making.
 C. Why do we use Power BI?
 There are some main functions of Power BI-
 Data analysis and data visualization
 BI provides an interactive dashboard and reports
 Brings multiple data resources into one place
 Data cleanup, reshaping, and modeling
 Easy deployment, hybrid configuration, and data security
 Capturing new insights from the data
 D. What are the important components of Power BI?
 There are manually three components-
 Data integration
 Data Processing
 Data presentation
 E. What does DAX stand for?
 DAX stands for Data Analysis Expression
 F. How will you find the reports?
 Find your Power BI data sets
 Get your DAX statement
 Create a table by using the wizard
 Design the print layout
 Use your export option

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