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Advanced Features

Intuitive Test Authoring

Our hassle-free dashboard intuitively facilitates test creation, allowing you to spend less time reading and more time building

  • - Multiple-choice
  • - True/False
  • - Essay questions
  • - Coding simulators
  • - Text, flash, images, video and more!

Fully Flexible Administration

Customize the testing process to meet your unique needs.

  • - Pre-register candidates
  • - Manage candidate banks
  • - Send bulk, custom invitations
  • - Create multiple assessment schedules
  • - Schedule candidate testing at any time

Secure Client Payments

Simple payment structure utilizing Paypal security

  • - Collect payment directly from candidates
  • - Run special offers
  • - Provide promotional vouchers
  • - Offer discount codes for multiple exam attempts
Client payment
Certificate management

Advanced Certificate Management

Customize certificates to reflect your brand. Manage every aspect of certification delivery.

  • - Include organization logo, colors and info
  • - Provide certificates in real-time upon test completion
  • - Set up email notification for scores and test results
  • - Allow third-party certificate verification
  • - Funnel all certificate authorization through a single account

Complex Skills Testing

Conduct advanced assessments of complex skills

  • - Test programming skills, including: Java, .NET, C++, Python, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Oracle DB
  • - Test managerials skills including: Case studies, Spreadsheet proficiency etc
  • - Test aptitude, sales potential and more
Skill testing
360 deg customization

360° Customization

Every aspect of your test is 100% customizable.

  • - Choose from our extensive question bank
  • - Create your own questions
  • - Include varying difficulty levels
  • - Randomize question order across tests
  • - Set up time limits for each section
  • - Customize any and all aspects of your unique test

Reliable, Fair Assessments

Advanced Web Proctoring

Monitor tester live feeds via remote webcam proctoring.

Manual Proctoring Services

Request remote in-person proctoring as needed.

Access Controls

Restrict candidate logins to pre-determined IP addresses.

Block Copy-Paste

Restrict testers from using copy/paste or print-screen functions..

Monitor Test Window Behavior

Prevent testers from navigating away from test window or opening new tabs/browsers

End Test

Provide warnings and/or terminate exam in response to tester misconduct.


Greg Tate

Sr. Director of Technical Services

Mettl's technological sophistication, and advanced proctoring technology, have helped us scale the certification offering, and extend it far beyond what we initially thought was possible in the given period of time.

When Optimizely wanted to launch a certification offering, they found that Mettl.com allowed them the flexibility to create a world-class technology platform with a custom branding, and pricing solution. Read Full Case Study.