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One-Click Proctoring Integration With Moodle, Canvas and Others

Canvas and Moodle Proctoring Plugin For Instant Proctoring Setup

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Mercer | Mettl Proctoring Plugin

SecureProctor is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based proctoring service. It helps institutes and universities conduct secure online exams within their LMSs, using credible anti-cheating technology and robust security features. The integration is seamless and click of a button.


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Proctoring Inside Your LMS Doesn’t Get Easier

Introducing Our Chrome-Based Extension For Moodle, Canvas And Others

State-Of-The-Art Proctoring Features

  • AI-based Proctoring With 95% Cheating Detection
  • Live, Human-Based Proctoring - One-to-many + One-on-one
  • Record and Review Proctoring

Seamless Examiner Experience

  • Easy Click-of-a-button Setup - No Training Required
  • Auto-Generated, Instantaneous Reports in the Lms, in Your Desired Timezone
  • Simple, Seamless and Intuitive Experience
  • Complete Exam Control Through the Dashboard for Exam Heads

Seamless Candidate Experience

  • Can Take Proctored Tests Within The LMS
  • No Extra Steps; Auto-login Through The LMS
  • No Need To Learn Any New Platform and Software

Popular LTI Compliant LMSs Where We Can Start Within Minutes!


Why We Are the Best Fit for Your Online Proctoring Needs

LTI-Based Proctoring Integration

Connect Within Minutes to 250+ LTI Compliant Systems Integrate to Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, Among Others, Instantaneously.

Deep Proctoring Integration

Enable Full Customization With Deep Integration using our REST APIs. Customize Extensively With All Major LMS, HRMS And Other Platforms


We Provide Best-in-Class Proctoring Features To Ensure Secure Exams


Robust Candidate Authentication

Photo Verification

Photo Verification

ID card Verification

ID card Verification

Quick authentication via OTP

Quick authentication via OTP


ID card Verification

  • The Test Is Launched in Kiosk/ Lockdown Mode, Wherein Additional Tabs Are Disabled and Navigation Is Restricted.
  • Restricts the Candidates from Using Cut/copy/paste During the Test.
  • Restricts the Candidate from Using Right-Clicks and Developer Tools During the Test.
  • Attempts to Navigate Away from the Test Window Are Notified in the Report.

AI-Based Proctoring

  • AI-based Proctoring through auto-generated flags for:

    Facial detection

    Voice detection

    Mobile phone detection

    Distraction detection
  • Away From Test Window’ Notification Sent to Human Proctors

Human Based Proctoring

  • Live Proctoring Wherein Invigilators Monitors Multiple Candidates in a Single View
  • Record and Review Proctoring Wherein Our Team of Experts Review Every Recorded Session
  • One-To-Many + One-On-One Human-Based Proctoring
  • Two-Way Chat Supported Between Candidates & Proctors

400+ Top Universities and Institutes From Across The World Partner With Mercer | Mettl

Introducing Mercer | Mettl SpeechSense: The Latest Innovation In Proctoring Technology

Introducing Mercer | Mettl SpeechSense: The Latest Innovation In Proctoring Technology

The Best AI-based Audio Proctoring Technology Out There. Now, Don't Worry About Whispering Friends or Helping Colleagues. Now, Don’t Worry About Whispering Friends or Helping Colleagues


Speech Sense Accurately Identifies Count Of Unique Speakers In The Vicinity


It Seamlessly Detects Any Other Person Speaking To The Exam Candidate


It Separates Candidate Audio From Background Noise; You Get No Unwanted Flags

Manage End-to-end Online Exam Drives Through
Proctor Management System

Become Smart Proctors And Ensure 100% Success Of Your Online Exams


Smart Proctoring Dashboard

Use Dashboard To View And Monitor Proctor And Student Activity


Proctor Monitoring

Monitor If The Proctors Are Properly Responding To Student Queries, Cheating Flags And Suspicious Activity

Securing Your Data Is Our Priority, with Industry-Leading Data Safeguards


Our Data Security features:

  • Secure Data Hosting on Amazon Web Services
  • Multi-factor authentication to ensure authenticity of the examinee
  • Annual Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
  • Defined Access Rights For Various Roles
  • Regular Internal and External Audits

All Your Data & Information Is Kept Safely with Mercer | Mettl

ISO 9001
ISO 27001
SOC2 Type 2

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Online Remote Proctoring

Administer online entrance exams for your institute with Mercer | Mettl’s online entrance examination system.Leverage our easy-to-use platforms and conduct entrance exams online with ease.

Selected by Gartner as a Leader in Remote Proctored Examinations

Leader Spring


Mercer | Mettl recognized as a Global Leader in Assessment Technology by G2


Software Suggest Rated Us Outstanding On Our Remote Proctoring and Online Exam Tools


Why We Are the Best Fit for Your Online Proctoring Needs

Quick and Seamless Integration

Quick and Seamless Integration

Save Time and Cost by Quickly Enabling Mpaas on Your Platforms

Comprehensive Portfolio of Anti-Cheating Technology

Comprehensive Portfolio of Anti-Cheating Technology

Features Such as Candidate Authentication, Ai & Human Proctoring

Robust Data Security

Robust Data Security

Data Encryption in Transit and at Rest with Secure Data Hosting on Aws

Two-Way Chat Support

Two-Way Chat Support

the Admin & Candidate Can Chat in Real-Time for a Seamless Examination experience

95% Cheating Detection

95% Cheating Detection

Detects Cheating with Multiple Cheating Flags & Browser Lockdown Mode

Real-Time, Auto-Generated Reports on LMS

Real-Time, Auto-Generated Reports on LMS

Detailed Reports with Candidates’ Video & Time-Stamped Activity Log

One Solution For Canvas Proctoring, Moodle Proctoring, Blackboard And All Other LMSs