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UI/UX Test: Assess candidates' design skills with industry-standard tests

A UI/UX Test is an online assessment to evaluate candidates' knowledge, skills, and abilities in User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design. It is an essential pre-employment screening tool in the UI/UX designer hiring process. The test involves domain-specific questions covering various aspects of UI/UX design, such as interaction design, visual design, prototyping, user research, and user experience.

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Inside this UI/UX Test

The UI/UX Test is a pre-hire assessment to assess a candidate's product designing skills before hiring. The test measures critical competencies and skills product designers need to excel and thrive at work. The test helps talent acquisition professionals validate the product designing skills of candidates during the initial stages of recruitment, making the UI/UX designer hiring process simple and efficient.

This UI/UX Skills Assessment is undertaken to understand a test-taker's design thinking and application skills, UI design and wireframing skills, prototyping, usability testing skills, etc. It also tests a designer's ability to transform anticipated needs into practical and user-friendly designs for e-products that deliver an exceptional user experience.

This UI/ UX Design Test contains 42 questions to be completed in 54 minutes. Candidates successful in this screening test may have a well-rounded knowledge and possess crucial skills and abilities required in this field.

The UI/UX Designer Test is one of the most effective tools for every recruiting manager, as it helps identify promising candidates by gauging their job readiness. The evaluation process places a premium on measuring candidates' applied skills gained from real-world work experience, prioritizing hands-on proficiency over the theoretical understanding of the domain. 

The assessment result can help employers locate qualified candidates with essential skills and expertise for designing practical and user-oriented digital products.

Key profiles this UI/UX Test is used for: 

  • Product designer 
  • UI/UX designer 
  • UX researcher 
  • Graphic designer 


There has been an increase in demand for UI/UX designers in recent years. Despite the surging popularity of professionals skilled in this field, employers often struggle to identify the creme de la creme for several reasons. Some potential causes could be: 

Inadequate talent assessment: UI/UX design is a multifaceted domain that entails diverse skillset, including interaction design, visual design, user research, prototyping, and testing. Regarding UI/UX designer hiring, there is little achievable through traditional resumes and portfolios. In addition, they may not provide a holistic evaluation of a person's skills and abilities, making it difficult to find and hire UX designers. 

Lack of objectivity in evaluation: Design is a creative process that leads to subjectivity, and an organization's stakeholders may have a differing view on what constitutes a superior design. This subjectivity may seep into the evaluation process and create complexities in hiring decisions if candidates are not assessed objectively.

Fierce competition: In a highly competitive job market characterized by a raging demand for UI/UX or product designers, there is always an underlying challenge to identify the best among numerous applicants.

That is why a well-structured pre-employment screening test for UI/UX designers can be valuable in hiring job-fit candidates. Listed below are some ways in which these tests can come in handy:

In-depth skill assessment: A UI/UX Test can help recruiters understand candidates' potential in various UI/UX design areas. It is a comprehensive evaluation of a candidate's capabilities and ensures that the qualified applicant possesses the skillset required for the job.

Objective evaluation: A pre-employment skills assessment can objectively evaluate test-takers' competencies, minimizing implicit biases and subjectivity in hiring decisions. This online test-based format is undertaken to ascertain a candidate's suitability for UI/UX design roles.

Streamlined screening: The screening test adds efficiency to the hiring process by filtering out unsuitable candidates early. This can save considerable time and resources in recruitment, enabling employers to focus on the best. 

Economical: Unlike archaic hiring methods, such as lengthy portfolio reviews or several interview sessions, a UI/UX Test can be a budget-friendly solution to assess a person's domain knowledge, skills, and abilities. There are no logistical and administrative hassles, and the assessment can be implemented across a wide scale. 


This UI UX Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

UI/UX Test Competency Framework

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UI/UX Test Competencies Under Scanner

UI/UX Test


User research

This test evaluates an individual's ability to identify opportunities and problem areas, generate data-driven results from research efforts, and analyze customer expectations regarding a product or service.

Interaction design

This test evaluates an individual's ability to create desired interactions between a user and a product/service at a given point in the user flow journey.

Visual design

This test is designed to evaluate an individual's ability to use visual communication tools, such as images, colors, iconography, illustrations, and typography, to enhance the usability and experience of a digital interface.

User experience

This test is designed to evaluate an individual's ability to use different tools and methods in an integrated manner to deliver the most optimal experience for users of a product/service.


This test is designed to evaluate an individual's ability to synthesize ideas into working representations that allow stakeholders to determine the outcome/potential of a product/service and make improvements accordingly.

Synthesizing and analyzing

This test is designed to evaluate an individual's ability to understand the data derived from research, data analysis, and interrogations and determine subsequent actions for product improvement.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

UI/UX assessment refers to an evaluation process that assesses an individual's skills, understanding, and capabilities in the field of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design.

The candidates are evaluated on critical competencies and skills required for a job. Scores on these competencies and skills are looked at in combination to determine if the candidates are recommended for the role. 

Yes, we can do so selectively. Please write to us with such a request; we will gladly assist.

Our specialized assessments offer a unique opportunity to assess multiple skills in a single screening test. Whether you need to evaluate proficiency in various aspects of UI/UX design or other key design competencies, our tailor-made assessments are designed to assess all the desired skills in one test granularly. 

Absolutely! We can accommodate selective customization based on your specific needs. Kindly contact Mercer | Mettl; we will be delighted to work out a solution that meets your requirements. 

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