Call Center Simulation Assessment

Call center simulation assessments are pre-employment screening processes that help evaluate candidates’ personalities, aptitudes and communication skills applying for call center roles. Call center simulation tests are designed to mimic real-life, on-the-job scenarios to analyze candidates’ skills, problem-solving abilities and language proficiency.

A call center simulation assessment is essential to overcome the limitations of conventional interviews and intuitive guesswork. These assessments enable organizations to develop a global standard workforce. Aside from measuring pre-defined competencies, a call center simulation test doubles up as a solution to identify and address weaknesses in the existing workforce, leverage strengths and improve employees’ productivity, evaluate an individual’s ability to perform mid or entry-level job functions within the customer service and sales environment and improve overall operations. Besides, it also helps reduce turnover and increase revenue.

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Communication assessments are effective in determining an individual's communication skills with respect to speaking, listening, reading and writing. Communication assessments are leveraged either for customer-facing roles or for organizations that require excellent workplace communication skills.

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AI-Powered English Proficiency Assessment Tool

Intelligent Technology That Evaluates Candidates On Nuances Of Speech

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