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What are Coding Tests?

Coding tests are programming assessment tools used to objectively evaluate a candidate's programming skills across parameters such as problem-solving, coding aptitude, and de-bugging.

Coding tests are widely used by organizations as an intrinsic step in the technical recruitment process. They are an effective and standardized source of screening potential candidates, thereby reducing time to hire and increasing efficiencies.


Hire developers at scale using coding tests for fresher and experienced coders across diverse roles and technologies


Evaluate developers across 600+ skills

Assess candidates on a wide range of tech skills using hands-on and knowledge-based questions


Hire remote talent at ease

Easily assess top tech talent globally with online coding tests and a live interview platform.


Hire freshers and experienced coders

An exhaustive library of technical questions and coding simulators help you evaluate freshers and experienced hires with ease.


Insightful reports to support business

Easily consumable, real-time and in-depth analytics to support your technical hiring decisions


Fully auto-graded evaluation

Seamless auto-graded evaluation through pre-built test cases


World-class IDES

Best-in-class IDEs that offer a real-world coding environment for candidates

Unmatched Quality and Depth of Technical Assessment Questions

Our test library of more than 100,000 technical questions ensures that there is a question for every possible job-role that you are looking to hire for.

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React JS
Vue JS
Knockout JS
Ionic framework
Express JS
Web Assembly
Backbone JS
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Sinon JS
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Technical Questions

Elevate Your Coding Interview Experience With Our Seamless Coding Interview Platform

  • 01 Seamless Pair Programming Using Integrated Coding Simulators

  • 02 Comprehensive assessments using feedback from multiple rounds

  • 03 Digital ideation using Inbuilt Interactive Whiteboard and Notepad

  • 04 Comprehensive code analysis using Code Playback Feature and Screening Data

Scale Up Technical Hiring Using Integrated Coding Assessments and Simulators


1,00,000 + Technical questions

Choose from the largest test library of technical questions across a wide range of job roles


Mettl I/O - Advanced Role-Based Coding Simulator

Use Our Front-End, Back-End and Fullstack Simulators, Among Others, to Conduct High Quality Programming Assessments


Online Hackathon Platform

Drive Innovation, Hire Efficiently, Offer Superior Experience with Xathon, Our Online Hackathon Platform


Online Coding Interview Platform

Empower Your Technical Hiring Using Real-Time Coding Interviews

We Are the Only Indian Company to Be Selected by Gartner as a Leader in Remote Proctored Examinations

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Mercer | Mettl recognized as a Global Leader in Assessment Technology by G2


Software Suggest Rated Us Outstanding On Our Remote Proctoring and Online Exam Tools


Our Customers Vouch for Our Quality and Service

Vivekanandhan Rajamanoharan
Amit Agarwal
Sweta Mishra
Mahesh Calavai
Varun Berry
Shirish Awasthi
Murali Bollu
Jitendra Singh

The quality of the recruitment increased, because previously we were not having any assessment. The quality of assessments and the quality of reports are very well catering to our requirements. The reports are very expansive, and it gives more light more

Vivekanandhan Rajamanoharan

Vivekanandhan Rajamanoharan

Deputy Manager, Talent Management

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Mercer | Mettl has provided us with high quality assessment. And in this time of the pandemic it has become critical not ust to have physical assessments but also auto proctored and remote proctored assessments. Mettl has been a critical partner on o more

Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal

Co-Architect FutureSkills & CEO IT-ITES NASSCOM

The turnaround time has been fantastic from day one till now. It has been two years now, and we have had no complaints about the turnaround time of their account managers. We started by discussing the online assessment tool. Later on, we went on to i more

Sweta Mishra

Sweta Mishra

Director HR, IVP

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In Mercer | Mettl, we found a good combination of three core attributes that we sought in our talent assessment partnership. Its proctoring feature was brilliant, and a particular facet that stood out was the platform's flexibility in working for spe more

Mahesh Calavai

Mahesh Calavai

Chief Data & Analytics Officer, TVS Motor Group

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When you have an assessment platform such as Mercer | Mettl, you have done your homework. You know the candidate is good enough. So you are saving time. more

Varun Berry

Varun Berry

Managing Partner, Operations, Chordify & CEO, Intulog

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Mercer | Mettl’s solutions brought various unprecedented insights into our technical hiring process. It was complemented by reduced friction and enhanced ease and agility. With one of the most advanced and extensive lists of questions and world-class more

Shirish Awasthi

Shirish Awasthi

Talent Acquisition, Coforge Ltd.

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Mercer | Mettl offers a next-generation platform that empowers you to look beyond what is academically taught. We are extremely pleased with Mercer | Mettl. Its assessment platform has enabled us to tap into its vast database of questions for both ap more

Murali Bollu

Murali Bollu


What sets Mercer | Mettl apart is a combination of powerful, customizable technology and content expertise. Along with a robust admin panel, their team also delivers tailor-made assessments based on industry standards for the programs that we run. more

Jitendra Singh

Jitendra Singh

CTO, Talent Sprint

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Effective screening coding skills of candidates is a critical step in the technical hiring process across organizations. Some of the best ways in which hiring managers and recruiters can check the coding skills background of candidates are:

  • Conduct effective research on the needs of the job role and identify the skills and knowledge that would be needed for a candidate to be successful in the given job
  • Dig deep into the developers' portfolios to check their work in advance. Almost all good coders maintain a portfolio of their work and a glimpse of that can offer valuable insights about their knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA).
  • Screen through GitHub and StackOverflow repositories to skim through any open-source codes your potential candidate may have contributed in the past, their reputation in these platforms and their collaboration skills.
  • Run online hackathons and get a single-point platform to access a large pool of developer talent in one place.
  • Run coding assessments digitally to assess the coding skills of candidates in advance across a wide stack of technologies and programming languages
  • Conduct simulated role-based assessments to evaluate how a candidate would perform on real-life coding projects on the job
  • Consider using virtual live interview sessions using coding interview tools that help you interview a candidate's knowledge and skills and also conduct live programming sessions using whiteboards, chat boxes, pair programming, etc.

Coding challenges are excellent ways to evaluate on-the-job performance of candidates. The best practices for conducting a successful coding challenge include:

  • Using a real-world problem: Instead of focusing on theoretical problems, the best way to evaluate how a candidate will perform at work is to offer a real-life coding problem for them to solve. That way you can assess how the candidate is going to approach projects once she is on board.
  • Don't go by the end result only: Objectively assess the problems solved by candidates instead of focusing only on the 'right answer'.
  • Use standardized assessments: Make sure your coding challenges are standardized in nature so that you offer the same level of challenge to every candidate and therefore, eliminate potential biases
  • Choose innovative problems: Make sure you are using original business problems which your company is currently looking to solve or has recently solved. Do not go by what you find on the internet
  • Offer feedback: Make sure you offer feedback to candidates about their performance for a superior experience and setting benchmark for your employer value proposition (EVP)

There are many ways in which coding tests can be used for interviews.

  • Screening tests: Candidates can be given coding problems across multiple technologies, roles and languages to assess their problem-solving skills and coding ability. They are a very effective way of filtering quality candidates.
  • Ready-to-use test libraries: Hiring managers can choose problems from available test libraries to evaluate candidates on specific skills and languages, while saving themselves from the time needed to curate questions
  • Pair programming: Pair programming is also a very effective way of evaluating candidates where the interviewer can have a candidate solve a coding problem in their presence in a virtual IDE.
  • Whiteboard tests: Whiteboard tests also allow interviewers to view a candidate as they solve a coding test in real-time on a whiteboard. Video interview applications with in-built whiteboards facilitate seamless execution of such interviews.
  • Homework assignments: These are usually time-bound assignments where the candidate is given a test to complete at home at their own pace within a given time window.

Here are a few points to consider while setting up a coding test for hiring:

  • Define what you want: Clearly ideate and define the role that you want to hire for, the skills you want to test the candidates for, any specific programming language that you want them to know, the type of business problems that you want them to solve, and the requisite behavioral requirements to suit your organization's culture.
  • Identify success metrics beforehand: Standardize the metrics that you would be evaluating candidates on and do this in advance to eliminate any potential hiring biases
  • Pre-decide the assessment: Have your questions ready before you launch the hiring campaign for everyone. Make sure you cover different complexity levels of questions and adhere to a finite time period for the test.
  • Conduct an online hackathon: You can conduct coding tests in the format of a hackathon where you can assess a large pool of developers in one go

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