Assess for Coding Acumen. Not Pedigree

Inexhaustible Content & Simulator Technology that Measure Your Coders Down to the Last Bit

Simulate Stunningly Real Environments. Assess for Everything Imaginable.





The Mettl Coding Libraries allows you access into an ocean of inexhaustable, high quality and powerful content, boasting over 500 job roles.Set relevant & customizable benchmarks curated by either the job role, competency framework, or both.


Assess Your Coders on Every Tool & Software in Existence

Simulate the test, run it subjectively, or with multiple choices. Does it matter with far reaching tentacles into every tool fathomable? We back our words with a dedicated Quality & Research team.

Data Analytics Tools

Venture into inexhaustible test content in tools such as Tablue, Congnos, SAS, Microstrategy, OBIEE and more.

Business Software

Highly qualitative test content reaching into the most micro level of tools like Tibco, PeopleSoft, Siebel, Oracle Suit, Hyperion and more.

Creative Smart Tools

A vast source of test content verified and vetted by Subject Matter Experts in tools such as Coral Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Docker, Gradle and more.


Powerfully Immersive Full Stack Simulators


On Cloud IDE

Allow your test takers the freedom to customize their interface to their comfort and choosing.


Customise Testcase

Your one-way ticket to challenge coders any way you want: challenges, behavioural situations, anything. Just throw it in there.


Multi Language Support

Forget restrictions in terms of supportable languages. Let your coders test in whatever language they choose. Test candidates on whatever language you choose.

Don't lose your best, intuitive coder

Candidate Journey

Don’t just test for the results. Understand patterns behind a coder’s approach to a problem statement for deeper, more accurate decisions.


Assess for raw coding potential. Here’s your ability to grade candidates based on even par ally correct outcomes.

Time & Complexity

Check for Coder Efficiency, Code Memory Consumed, and more. Never hire merely the right answer; now hire the quickest to function right answer.

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