Pair Programming Interview

Pair programming interview is a modern, game-changing interview approach that assesses a coder’s proficiency using embedded code simulators. Pair programming interviews involve a coder and an assessor. While the coder writes a code, the assessor (interviewer) guides him/her through the process to gauge his/her skillset and gain an accurate understanding of the coder’s thoughts, collaboration, utilization of various languages, frameworks, library or APIs, etc.

A pair programming interview is an online interview approach to assess a candidate’s technical skills. A pair programming interview involves two parties: a coder and an assessor. The coder is given a problem that mirror’s a real-life scenario, and he/she has to solve it using the same resources available on the job. Such an arrangement offers the assessor complete clarity about the coder’s overall potential and proficiency. Subsequently, it lends speed, efficiency and convenience to the technical hiring process.

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A coding interview platform brings hiring managers closer to the goal of hiring the best by eliminating pre-interview inefficiencies and bringing clarity to the initial selection. This purpose-built interviewing solution throws questions and scenarios at the coder to gauge its actual prowess.

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