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An online proctoring solution is defined as the process of hosting safe virtual exams. It is the answer to academia’s problem associated with maintaining integrity during an online exam. A remote proctoring solution allows students to take an exam from anywhere globally, including their homes. By monitoring their behavior, screen and environment, an online proctoring solution ensures a seamless and cheat-proof examination process.

An online proctoring solution is used to conduct online assessments, seamlessly and effectively, with high exam integrity. An ideal remote proctoring solution regulates the examination environment by eliminating any chance of impersonation, providing browser lockdown technology and ensuring academic integrity with its anti-cheating tools. An online proctoring solution can be undertaken in one of the three ways: auto proctoring, live proctoring or record and review proctoring.

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The advent of remote proctoring solutions has helped many Universities and Institutes migrate to the online mode by enabling standardized online testing in a secure environment. With AI-enabled technology at play, many entity's have also achieved credibility and scale easily while ensuring a seamless experience for the candidates.

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AI-Powered Online Proctoring To Conduct Secure Exams

Conduct Secure, Scalable, and Cost-Effective Online Proctored Exams

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