Programming Simulator

A programming simulator is a software tool that allows candidates to write and test their code in a simulated environment. Programming simulators offer a real sense of the candidates’ ability by letting them mirror real-world issues such as writing a code from scratch, working on test cases, fixing a bug or writing an algorithm in real-time.

Assessors can also evaluate candidates based on several parameters, such as code quality, efficiency, correctness and scalability. The completely simulated environment helps identify candidates with strong coding skills and creativity. Programming simulator based assessments offer in-depth insights like language prowess, code quality, time spent on writing, plagiarism, and much more.

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Coding assessments and simulators when put together, filter and screen fresh campus talent, or lateral hiring candidates at scale to help understand the core competency of a candidate and help hire the best potential talent to take on a variety of technical tasks in the future.

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