Spoken English Test

The spoken English test, also known as the English fluency test, is used to assess the English-speaking skills of non-English speakers by most organizations before hiring for specific roles. The English fluency test informs the recruiter about a test-taker’s proficiency in comprehending the language and communicating fluently and correctly in the English language.

A spoken English test, also known as the English fluency test, assesses the spoken language competence of a non-English speaker against the pronunciation, grammar, fluency and lexical stress of native speakers. The English fluency test helps identify critical errors in sentence correction, sentence reading and impromptu speech. The test is conducted in a simulated environment where a candidate is asked to perform specific tasks, such as answering calls, replying to pre-recorded messages or speaking a pre-written script.

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Communication assessments are effective in determining an individual's communication skills with respect to speaking, listening, reading and writing. Communication assessments are leveraged either for customer-facing roles or for organizations that require excellent workplace communication skills.

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AI-Powered English Proficiency Assessment Tool

Intelligent Technology That Evaluates Candidates On Nuances Of Speech

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