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Ashby Integration with Mercer | Mettl

Leverage our Prebuilt Integration to access assessments and results from Ashby

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Unlock hiring excellence with Ashby's all-in-one recruiting platform

Ashby enables talent teams to be exceptional at what they do by combining your ATS, CRM, Scheduling, and Analytics into a single consolidated solution without compromising on scalability of customizability. The impact is real-time reliable data, a consistently great candidate and recruiter experience, and a single source of truth.

With Ashby, you can:

  • Candidate pipeline view: Manage candidate pipeline with a single pane kanban view and visual prompts that highlight candidates that require action. Leverage saved views to quickly switch between different segments of your candidate pipeline
  • Structured interviews and activities: Leverage structured interview plans to develop a great candidate experience and efficient interview process.
  • Customizable permissions: Advanced permissions allow you to customize views and approvals to suit your organization. Start simple and leverage advanced permissions as you scale.
  • One-click bulk application review: Review, advance/reject and email candidates with just one click, saving hundreds of hours reviewing resumes
  • Notes: Powerful collaboration via notes in Ashby, email, or on Slack. Create tasks from notes, or use threaded replies to keep notes organized.
  • Candidate experience surveys: Build custom candidate experience surveys to track and optimize candidate experience.
  • Opening management: Manage your entire hiring plan and track progress against it in Ashby.
  • Powerful mobile web app: Review pipeline, manage candidates and review applications on the go.
  • Custom fields: structure additional data about candidates, jobs, offers and more using custom fields.
  • Powerful approval workflows: use custom rules based on any field to route approvals to the right set of people.
  • Job board posting: Build your job description in Ashby and post it across LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and more in a single click.

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