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T-SQL Developer Test to evaluate T-SQL skills efficiently and accurately

A T-SQL developer Test is a pre-employment screening test to assess candidates' skills and understanding of T-SQL before hiring them. The T-SQL Test includes technical MCQs to evaluate applicants' familiarity with using Transact-SQL to interact with SQL server databases, ability to implement various T-SQL functions and knowledge of database concepts. The test also includes a database query question to assess the ability to write SQL queries. 

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Inside this T-SQL Developer Test

Transact-SQL (T-SQL) is Microsoft's and Sybase's extension to SQL used to access, manage, and maintain data in SQL server databases. The T-SQL Developer Test can help recruiters assess a test-taker's proficiency in T-SQL programming language, helping them identify applicants with adequate knowledge and ability to work with it. 

The T-SQL Test is designed to gauge candidates' skills by including questions based on the following T-SQL competencies:

Data types: Questions to assess understanding of various data types used in T-SQL, such as strings, integers, and dates. 

Create table: Questions on creating table statements, which are used to create new tables in the database with defined columns and each column's data types. 

UPDATE statement: Questions on the UPDATE statement, which relates to modifying data in an existing table using this statement. 

WHERE clause: Questions on the WHERE clause filters query results based on a condition, retrieving only the rows that meet the criteria. 

Sub-queries: Questions on sub-queries that fetch data from one or more tables and use it in a larger query for analysis and filtering purposes. 

String functions: Questions on string functions used to manage and manipulate string data. 

Indexes: The test includes questions on indexes that enhance the performance of database queries.  

Joining tables: Questions on joining tables, which involve merging data from multiple tables in a query using join statements based on mutual columns between them.

Key profiles the T-SQL Test is helpful for: 

  • SQL developer 
  • T-SQL database developer 
  • SQL database developer 
  • MS SQL developer 


Transact SQL (T-SQL) is a programming extension of SQL language that provides SQl with numerous additional features, such as transaction control, error and exception handling, Rowset processing, etc. Software applications that rely on the SQL server as their underlying database employ T-SQL and SQL statements to establish communication with it. Because T-SQL is an extension to SQL, all the CRUD operations and the process of combining data from various tables are considered to be T-SQL operations.

Organizations need capable and skilled T-SQL developers to manage and analyze their data in the current business landscape that values data analysis and insights. With their T-SQL proficiency, developers can help businesses optimize and maintain their databases, enhancing performance and efficiency. Furthermore, T-SQL is frequently used for data interpretation and reporting. Therefore, T-SQL developers can enable companies to glean actionable insights from their data and furnish easy-to-understand, comprehensive reports. 

Additionally, T-SQL also helps develop applications that mandate database connectivity, such as mobile and web applications. As a result, T-SQL developers can play a pivotal role in creating and maintaining these applications while focusing on their reliability and efficiency. 

However, it is worth noting that finding the ideal tech talent can be difficult for recruiters for the simple reason that candidates must possess specialized competence and show why they'll be a good fit for the role. That is why the T-SQL Test is an essential pre-employment screening tool for employers to find the most suitable talent objectively and efficiently. This test can help assess an individual's skills in T-SQL, ensuring that the selected candidate has the experience and knowledge necessary for the job opportunity.

The T-SQL Test can be useful for talent acquisition experts to focus on the ideal job-fit candidate as it provides them valuable insights into every applicant's skills-related strengths and competency that employers seek, thus focusing on the most suitable candidates to bring in for interviews. Most importantly, the test provides holistic, data-driven reports of each test taker's performance to help hiring managers make well-informed hiring decisions. 


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T-SQL Developer Test Competency Framework

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T-SQL Developer Test



Questions based on T-SQL extend across the following topics: Data types, create tables, UPDATE statements, WHERE clauses, sub-queries, string functions, indexes, and joining tables.

Query writing question

The assessment includes one database query question to evaluate candidates' ability to write SQL queries.

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The Mercer | Mettl T-SQL Test is tailored for recruitment. However, we can do benchmarking for custom sample sets as well. Please write to us about your request; we will gladly assist you.

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