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ASP DOT NET Online Test for an accurate tech skills evaluation

This ASP DOT NET is a pre-employment technical skills assessment that helps you conduct an in-depth evaluation of technical competence and expertise in ASP DOT NET and C# using a combination of multiple-choice questions (MCQ) and a hands-on programming challenge.

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Inside this Online ASP DOT NET Test

The C# ASP DOT NET online test includes scenario based MCQs and coding assessment to assess a candidate's expertise in ASP DOT NET concepts and hands-on programming skills in C#. The test has been designed and validated by our seasoned subject matter experts (SMEs) to help recruiters and hiring managers screen and select the best available talent without bias. Additionally, with test analytics, hiring teams can derive intelligence from the candidate's test performance data in an easy-to-understand way as the test offers a detailed rundown of technical skills-related strengths and areas of improvement for the test takers.

Expertly made, ASP DOT NET online tests have lent incredible ease to organizations by helping them with the recruitment of ASP DOT NET developers. The test provides a data-driven approach to objectively screen candidates from the initial stages of recruitment to help recruiting teams find the top tech talent for the business without consuming too much time, energy and resources. The questions presented in the assessment mimic the real scenarios ASP DOT NET developers might experience in their workday. Understanding how well each candidate solves the various problems in the test makes it easier to find the best ASP DOT NET developers in no time.

Questions covered in the C# ASP DOT NET Test span across the topics listed below:

ASP DOT NET concepts Web API
 Distributed architecture
 Web services
 State management
 Authentication and authorization
C# basicsBoxing unboxing
 Hands-on experience coding question


ASP DOT NET - short for Active Server Pages Network Enabled Technologies is a cloud-based, open-source web framework built by Microsoft to create rich, robust, data-driven, and interactive web services, web applications, and content-focused websites.  

Microsoft ASP DOT NET framework has found extensive use in developing enterprise-grade web apps that developers prefer to use nowadays. ASP DOT NET comprises three web development frameworks- ASP DOT NET MVC, ASP DOT NET web forms, and ASP DOT NET web pages. The DOT NET developers find this framework significantly easier to produce interesting ASP DOT NET applications via Visual Studio. Furthermore, ASP DOT NET is not restricted to script languages and enables developers to make the most of primary DOT NET languages such as C#, J#, VB DOT NET, etc.

Unsurprisingly, organizations are interested in pursuing highly skilled ASP DOT NET developers. These highly sought-after professionals are not just in demand for their coding ability in different DOT NET languages, but they are also revered for their ability to: 

  • Create top-tier apps and enhance the usability of the existing applications
  • Create a logical design and develop application layers
  • Work in tandem with front-end developers to create intuitive UI
  • Join forces with internal teammates in the process of designing, building, deploying and maintaining software
  • Write functional and bug-free codes
  • Construct user interfaces, architecture, technical specifications, and client displays
  • Develop and perform prototype testing
  • And much more

When it comes to web development technologies, the DOT NET framework needs no introduction. With great features for developers to explore, it extensively relies on experience and expertise. Hence, companies are always looking for seasoned ASP DOT NET developers with the necessary skill sets and abilities to help streamline business processes. Attracting suitable candidates and engaging qualified ones using a data-driven approach has become imperative, given that resumes and CVs fail to dig deep into who the ideal candidate would be for the job. That is where the C# ASP DOT NET online test comes in handy. These technical assessments are beneficial in uncovering the desired candidate attributes that traditional hiring methods fail to bring to the fore.

This online test for ASP DOT NET developers can help hiring teams focus on the most suitable candidates by assessing their job readiness. The test will allow employers to validate the candidate's employability skills regarding the efficient use of ASP DOT NET framework with C# before recruiting them. The test combines application and theory questions to assess applicants' technical skills and subject matter knowledge. Therefore, the detailed analysis of candidates' test performance will help make informed hiring decisions.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Mercer | Mettl ASP DOT NET Online Test is tailored for recruitment. We can do benchmarking for custom sample sets as well. Please write to us about your request; we will gladly assist you.

We have previously customized ASP DOT NET Online Test reports based on the client’s requirements. So please write to us with your request, and we will be glad to provide you with a solution.

Listed below are some of the most commonly asked questions that employers include during the evaluation process: 

  • How do you work with nullable types in DOT NET? 
  • How would you differentiate between a dictionary and a hash table? 
  • Can you please explain the intricacies of the Server.Transfer and Response.Redirect? 
  • What is a Cookie-less Session in ASP DOT NET? 
  • What is the difference between WCF services in ASP DOT NET and ASP DOT NET Web API? 
  • Can you define View State? 
  • Can you please list the differences between debug and trace in ASP DOT NET? 
  • What do you understand by the term RedirectPermanent in ASP DOT NET? 
  • Can you please describe the ASP DOT NET Security Controls? 
  • Can you enumerate the main built-in objects in ASP DOT NET? 

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