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Online Clojure Test to assess technical skills and job suitability in the hiring process

The online Clojure Assessment is a pre-employment test to identify and hire the best Clojure professionals and build your professional development team. It is the most preferred pre-hire assessment to evaluate the knowledge, abilities, and skills the candidate possesses in Clojure; to learn how they can apply their on-the-job skills from day one, thereby defining the path for you to build a skilled and empowered workforce.

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Inside this Clojure Skills Test

Clojure is a robust and fast general-purpose programming language with handy features that ensure an agile and efficient software development process. The Clojure Assessment is a technical screening test to identify skilled Clojure developers whose skills match the role requirements. It is an ideal screening tool for recruiters and employers to gauge employability skills before an interview.

This Clojure Coding MCQ Test comprises 30 carefully selected questions and takes 45 minutes to complete. This test, created and validated by seasoned subject matter experts, is a helpful tool to assess candidates' on-the-job skills and job readiness to determine someone's job suitability in the hiring process. Besides, shortlisting suitable candidates with a comprehensive test summary report is easy. The test result would provide granular insights into the test-taker's performance, allowing recruiters to make informed decisions without bias or favoritism.

The test helps to screen candidates for the following roles:  

  • Clojure developer 
  • Clojure UI developer 
  • Clojure front-end UI/UX developer


Clojure is a high-level, general-purpose programming language that runs on Common Language Runtime (CLR), Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and JavaScript platforms. It is considered to be a dialect of Lisp and will be easily understandable by anyone with prior experience in other Lisp languages. Clojure is a powerful macro system that follows the Lisp "code-as-data" philosophy. This functional programming language includes a set of persistent data structures. It is always compiled, yet completely dynamic.

Clojure is increasingly used as a professional language of choice in various companies of all sizes. Hence, Clojure remains a highly in-demand skill at leading tech organizations. Developers hired for Clojure-specific roles could oversee functions related to identifying actionable resources, performing data mining and processing large datasets, etc. While professionals for such positions may be highly sought after by businesses keen on utilizing the valuable features of Clojure, identifying the best candidates who match the employer's precise requirement is not as easy as it sounds. The hiring process is competitive, with the job market being volatile and candidate driven.

So, how do recruiters find suitable job candidates? Well, resumes often provide a unilateral view of establishing someone's credibility as an ideal candidate. That is where pre-employment assessments play a pivotal role in assessing a candidate's work readiness and on-the-job performance. In addition, Clojure Pre-employment Assessments help to determine core skills that organizations look for in a Clojure developer, such as:

  • Knowledge of JavaScript 
  • Proficiency in Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) 
  • Knowledge of other different programming languages 
  • Familiarity with Java Development Kit (JDK) 
  • Strong interpersonal skills 

This Clojure Online Coding MCQ Test enables recruiters to separate incompatible candidates while taking those individuals ahead who possess the required skillsets. The Clojure Test is inarguably the most data-driven way for organizations to screen candidates objectively and hire the best of the lot. 


This Clojure Assessment Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

Clojure Developer Test competency framework

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Clojure Assessment Competencies Under Scanner


The following subskills are assessed in this section: Basic syntax, data types, variables, operators, loops, decision making, functions, strings, lists, date and time, concurrent programming, and regular expressions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Mercer | Mettl Clojure Hiring Test is tailored for recruitment. However, we can do benchmarking for custom sample sets as well. Please write to us about your request; we will be glad to assist you.

We have previously customized Clojure Coding Skills MCQ Test reports based on the client’s requirements. So please write to us with your request, and we will gladly offer you a solution. 

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