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Delivery boy assessment to assess crucial employability skills

Delivery boy skills test helps hire candidates with a strong work ethic and excellent time management skills. The delivery boy assessment includes competency-based questions on numerical ability, reasoning ability, attention to details, and smartphone literacy.

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Delivery boys are the backbone of a logistics business. They sort objects in various categories, carry products on established routes by vehicle or foot, ensure delivery of products to the right customer, collect cash, receipts and other documents, and organize and file this information with the supervisor. Delivery boys represent the company before the consumers. That is why recruiting competent delivery boys is crucial for every business that delivers goods or services. Mercer| Mettl's delivery boy skills test, as the name suggests, is a screening tool that employers use to test the proficiency of candidates for taking up this role. 

Mercer| Mettl's delivery boy assessment is a comprehensive functional and aptitude test designed to assess the skills of candidates applying for  such roles. It measures crucial competencies such as the basic smartphone literacy of the candidate, attention to details, basic numerical ability and ability to navigate directions. 

Candidates who perform well on this delivery boy assessment can:

  • Use smartphones to perform their daily tasks
  • Perform error-free dispatch and delivery of items
  • Perform basic calculations during dealings with customers
  • Manage time and navigate directions to reach destinations

 Recruiters can use Mercer| Mettl's delivery boy assessments in their hiring process to find right-fit candidates quickly and efficiently. These online assessments evaluate cognitive skills and domain abilities by including a series of questions selected with subject matter experts' help. Based on the respondent's performance, finding the best candidates while filtering out unsuitable ones becomes easy. By conducting a delivery boy skills test online, employers can rest assured that only candidates with the proper skills and abilities will be the perfect addition to their company. 

These automated assessments come with the comprehensive analytical reports of each appeared participant. Designed by subject matter experts, this test contains 25 questions to be completed in 30 minutes

Key profiles the test is used for:

  • Messengers and Dispatchers
  • Taxi drivers
  • Courier Boys
  • Chauffeurs    


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, benchmarks can be provided for the test. Please contact for assistance.

Yes, the report can be customized. Please contact for assistance.

Candidates are assessed on their performance in the skills assessment, which is then compared against the set benchmark scores of the Receptionist Test. 

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